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CBC Goes Full Retard Publishing Stories About "Racism" and "Race"

CBC Goes Full Retard Publishing Stories About "Racism" and "Race"
Nov 2, 2018
Hate messages show up on University of Manitoba campus
5 reasons why everyone should be talking about The Hate U Give
'It's draining': Winnipeg man hopes for more awareness after racist run-in
Nov 3, 2018
Why a Toronto-area school board can't force out a trustee accused of racism and xenophobia
Nov 4, 2018
How right-wing populism is returning to its fascist roots
Nov 5, 2018
Drake blocked from Vancouver's Parq Casino, claims it was 'profiling'
Nov 6, 2018
Parents renew calls for controversial York school board trustee-elect to resign
Nov 7, 2018
'We shouldn't be forced to move to certain areas of the classroom': U of M Indigenous students
Nov 8, 2018
​Q&A: Lori Wilkinson explains why 'It's OK to be white' posters are not OK
Nov 9, 2018
'The entire company is toxic': Allegations of abuse, harassment at Stella's chain surface on social media
Nov 10, 2018
'Really toxic': Abuse allegations continue to dog Winnipeg restaurant chain Stella's Cafe
Nov 13, 2018
Meet Raven Wilkinson, the black ballerina who blazed a trail long before shoes came in brown and bronze
Nov 14, 2018
Grieving Inuit families blame racism of health-care workers for deaths of loved ones
Nov 15, 2018
Federal government issues permanent postal ban on hate speech publication
Pat Lorje resigns from Montgomery community association board, citing 'racist attitudes'
Toronto anti-carding activist stopped by police in Vancouver
Nov 17, 2018
Multiculturalism 'makes our province a better place,' says Sask. award recipient
Nov 19, 2018
University of New Brunswick nursing school should have mandatory course in Indigenous health, says instructor
Nov 20, 2018
'It is our story': Why a contest inspired by Viola Desmond was cut short
Nov 21, 2018
Kelowna Sikh leader urges people to speak up about racism after gurdwara hit by graffiti
Police officer denied promotion because of race, hearing told
Nov 22, 2018
TRC heard concerns about coerced sterilization of Indigenous women, says Murray Sinclair
Nov 23, 2018
Quebecers among Canadians most likely to believe racism is decreasing
Alberta government 'censored' Indigenous book, undermining reconciliation in schools, author says
Nov 26, 2018
Nearly two-thirds of Quebecers support public-sector ban on religious symbols, poll finds
Nov 29, 2018
Hate crimes surge in southwestern Ontario, Statistics Canada says
Nov 30, 2018
Peewee hockey game in Neepawa turns ugly as fans hurl racist taunts at First Nations team
Edmonton hotel accused of racial discrimination against 4 young men
Windsor health centre provides 'culturally safe' space for Indigenous people
Dec 01, 2018
'We have let you down': Stella's owners post video, take out full-page apology ad after harassment complaints
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FIFA Women's World Cup in Winnipeg - FAQs

I've noticed a lot of repeat questions being asked recently from visitors who are coming to Winnipeg for the FIFA Women's World Cup (June 8-16). Here are the most common questions: I can add to this if anyone has any suggestions.
Where is the stadium?
Investor's Group Field is at the University of Manitoba on the south end of the city.
Where should I stay?
There've been several news stories about how all the hotels in Winnipeg - even the Alt Hotel, which just opened - are booked solid. Sorry.
However, you can try alternatives:
(With suggestions from majikmonkie).
How do I get to the stadium from my hotel?
FIFA put together a guide on transportation options. The first two options are for driving, but I would recommend NOT doing that, especially if you're driving there during afternoon rush hour. Pembina Highway (which is the main route to the stadium from downtown) will probably become a parking lot in the afternoon with all the additional traffic.
However, there are four Park-n-Ride locations:
The Park-n-Ride costs $5 for people over the age of 12. Buses start departing 2 hours before afternoon kickoff. You might want to make a point of catching one of the first couple buses, since Pembina Highway is going to be a nightmare.
A note from werno - DO NOT try parking on the residential streets around the stadium. You will be ticketed and possibly towed.
Beaver Bus and Greyhound will also be operating a downtown hotel shuttle (also $5). Buses start departing 2 hours before afternoon kickoff. You might want to make a point of catching one of the first couple buses, since Pembina Highway is going to be a nightmare. If you're staying downtown, look for a shuttle stop (white circles) near your hotel:
(With suggestions from majikmonkie).
In not-stadium-specific transit news: Downtown Biz is going to be offering a free trolly to get around downtown. Winnipeg Transit also has free buses that will get you around downtown; #1,2, and 3 are all free all the time. (Thanks to supercantaloupe for the addition.)
I'm coming in from [country]. Do I have to get my money exchanged or will establishments take my US dollars/pounds/pesos/bits?
If you're using your credit card, most places will take a Visa and Mastercard regardless of country of origin. Most credit cards will give you a pretty fair exchange rate. However, you might still want cash for small purchases, bus fares, parking, etc.
Some places might take US dollars, but it will either be at par (which would be a horrible deal for you) or at an unfavourable exchange rate. It's probably a good idea to get your cash exchanged if you plan on carrying cash.
Also, plan on getting handfuls of change back when you pay. Canada has coins for $2 and $1, so after a few transactions you've got a handful of big coins to carry around. Also also, Canada no longer uses the penny, so all cash transactions will be rounded up or down to the nearest $0.05. Debit and credit transactions are still charged to the penny.
(With suggestions from Becau5eRea5on5, kent_eh and tmlrule).
How do I drive to Winnipeg from the US?
(Info via scopar). There are several border crossings between Manitoba and the US, with 3 crossings from Minnesota and 11 from North Dakota. However, all of the border crossings a very small except for the Emerson, MB/Pembina, ND crossing that is at the end of the I-29. This crossing has multiple lanes and is open 24 hours a day. The other border crossings are usually single lanes and have limited hours of operations. You can find information on the border crossings from North Dakota and Minnesota .
US citizens need proof of citizenship to enter Canada: a passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate. A passport will make your crossing the least stressful, and will probably make getting back into the US easier as well. The CBSA has information on identification requirements on their website . If you have a criminal record, you may have trouble at the border. This includes a DUI, which will probably prevent you from entering Canada. The US/Canada share access to criminal record databases so they will look it up.
Don't bring firearms or ammo with you. Canada has very different and more restrictive gun laws than the US. There is no constitutional right to bear arms in Canada, so please leave them at home. The CBSA link above has a information on prohibited items. There are also limits on the amount of booze/cigarettes you can bring with you. When crossing the border (both ways), it's always best to be upfront and don't hide anything. If they discover you lied about something, you're more likely to be pulled over and searched. I'd highly suggest doing a search of your car before you hit the road to make sure you don't leave anything unwanted in there.
Where can I get a drink?
(Info via landlubber1976). Legal drinking age is 18. Drinking in public (i.e. outside a restaurant, hotel or private home) isn't recommended and is illegal. We're not Europe. You probably won't get too much hassle, but it might cause someone to call the police on you. Don't drink and drive, please.
Alcohol generally more expensive than the US, by a fair bit.
Most restaurants will be licensed, and some may allow you to bring your own bottle of wine, but unless that bottle means something special to you, it probably isn't worth it after they apply their corkage fee. You can order a bottle of wine with dinner and you can take what you didn't finish home with you. Just make sure it is in the trunk if you're in a car, or at least not accessible.
Is there an official FIFA FanFest in Winnipeg?
Here's the lowdown (thanks to scopar for the info):
Winnipeg Fan Zone
What: Open to the public (free) on June 6 (with a viewing party of Canada’s opening match). Open to FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Winnipeg Stadium ticket-holders on matchdays only.
Where: Winnipeg Stadium (Investors Group Field)
Hours of Operation
What else should we do while we're in Winnipeg?
Well, there's lots to do. Special things happening while you're here:
Anyway, welcome to Winnipeg!
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My weekend trip, buying a motorcycle in -40 degrees celcius and driving it back on a trailer for 14 hours.

It all started with looking at new bikes about 1 year ago... I wanted a z800... I wanted a z900, I wanted a versys... in the end I always thought the bike I wanted was lacking.
Finally... I decided to go back to my dream bike. I upgraded my ninja 650r and went a step further. I noticed a very low price of 8000 dollars for a 2014 Ninja 1000 ABS about 1300 KM(850 miles~) away from where I live. I currently live in Manitoba(Winnipeg), the bike was in Alberta(Calgary).
I made a phone call quite worried that this was too good to be true. I got a carfax for the bike... I asked a MILLION questions. The guy said in a thick accent that he was 65 and that the bike didn't have a scratch on it. It had 4000KM on the bike... I thought out so many ways of bringing that bike back... Do I drive i back in the spring? Do I drive there, pay the man then ship it via truck... I finally remembered that my Dad had a trailer. So, another piece of the puzzle fell into place.
I called the guy up. Tried to get him to lower the price by about 200 dollars. The guy didn't budge... O well, can't blame me for trying. I tell him I'd be there in 2 weeks to cash out some investments.
Finally, the money was in my account. I call up my dad who is retired and ask him "Want to drive to Calgary?", my dad is awesome btw, he doesn't ride but understands how important this hobby and lifestyle is to me. He agrees. I book a day off on Friday the 13th of January... We shovel out the trailer... we look up videos on how to tie down a motorcycle on a trailer. And the plan is in motion. The next day I wake up at 8:00am and get the trailer hooked up, we drive to the bank I get a certified cheque for 7700 and 300 dollars cash in case I can bargain.
At 10:30, we leave, pass multiple cities and after 14 hours of driving/stopping, we get to a hotel in Calgary. We booked a hotel near a casino to see if I could "win" my bike with a 20 dollar bill (I work for a casino company... I know better)... But we're so dead tires we just go straight to bed as we know there's another long day ahead of us. We get there at about 1:00am.
7:30 am, we go meet the guy. This guy... is freaking awesome. He owns both a ninja 1000 and a R1. He's actually 65, selling them to get a cruiser Yamaha bike. I get to the bike, it's literally wrapped in 2 big bed sheets and covered by a motorcycle cover. I look at the bike, and can't notice a scratch... not even a bug on the radiator! He's cursing away at people trying to low ball him, says he'd burn the bike rather then to sell it for 100 dollars cheaper. We chat and chat, he gives me a "don't kill yourself" speech. I've never had more respect for a 65 year old guy. Not only that, he's a mechanic. Oh, I forget to add that he's throwing in genuine products... a tank bag, 2 spare windshield, the tarp, fender eliminator already installed.
This is a no brainer, I buy the bike. This being the first time strapping a bike to a trailer not really designed for bikes... Were struggling but no worries. The guy helps us. To give you an idea about this guy... he asks if I'm cold... I reply no... and he goes to tell me that the bike is cold and that I should put 2 blankets on it! He gives me the blankets he had to wrap it.
Anyways, we say our goodbyes and go on our way. Now, I made an error with strapping down the bike... I strapped it with the motorcycle cover and blankets to protect it from anything. Well the tarp ripped 1.5 hours into the ride. So we took it off. (See pictures)
Left at 9 am and got home at 1:30 am. And here we are, I'm finally home and I've got this bike... this amazing bike I can't fucking drive. And I'm not counting down the days until spring.
TLDR: Bought a 2014 ninja 1000 abs from a 65 year old guy and I have no regrets. I drove 14 hours away to pick up a bike without ever having strapped a bike before. I can't be happier and counting down the days until spring.
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We didn't expect this in WINNIPEG!? What to DO ... - YouTube South Beach Casino and Resort Casinos of Winnipeg Club Card Player Points! GILLIAN MAE @ 7 Modern Dance Vanessa Jade @ 18 Modern Dance Meetings Winnipeg video tour: Club Regent Event Centre

In accordance with Manitoba Public Health orders, Club Regent Casino and McPhillips Station Casino are closed until further notice. The Shark Club will be closed Monday, November 2 until further notice. Future updates to changes in our casino operations will be posted to this page and shared on our social media channels. Browse our selection of 47 Casino hotels & resorts in Winnipeg for the ultimate stay & play vacation. Make your casino vacation a sure bet with Expedia and save your money & time. Best Casino Hotels in Winnipeg, Canada on Tripadvisor: Find 1,538 traveller reviews, 390 candid photos, and prices for 7 casino hotels in Winnipeg, Canada. Beste Winnipeg Casino-Hotels: Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie 1.538 Bewertungen von Reisenden, 390 authentische Reisefotos und Top-Angebote für 7 Winnipeg casino-hotels. Manitoba; Hotels mit Casino in Winnipeg Aktuelle Seite Hotels mit Casino in Winnipeg; Ihre Reise planen. Reiseführer für Winnipeg Flüge nach Winnipeg Mietwagen in Winnipeg Flug+Hotel-Angebote in Winnipeg. Für Manitoba gelten aufgrund von COVID-19 möglicherweise Reiseeinschränkungen, einschließlich Selbstquarantäne. Mehr erfahren Wird in einem neuen Reiter oder Fenster geöffnet ... Winnipeg, Manitoba: Casino hotels and other gaming information including the latest casino news, poker tourneys, slots details, pari-mutuel (dogs & horses), to name a few topics. Vital information and photos of most casinos in Winnipeg. Best Casino Hotels in Winnipeg on Tripadvisor: Find 1,539 traveller reviews, 390 candid photos, and prices for 7 casino hotels in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Best Casino Hotels in Winnipeg on Tripadvisor: Find 1,539 traveler reviews, 390 candid photos, and prices for 7 casino hotels in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Manitoba; Casino Hotels in Winnipeg Current page Casino Hotels in Winnipeg; Plan your trip. Winnipeg Travel Guide Flights to Winnipeg Things to do in Winnipeg Winnipeg Car Rentals Winnipeg Vacation Packages. Manitoba may have travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19. Find out more Opens in new tab or window Dismiss close travel advisory. Find Casino Hotels in Winnipeg from CA $60. Check-in ... Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is committed to respecting all legislation related to accommodating persons with disabilities. Our policies and procedures are guided by the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Manitoba Human Rights Code, and The City of Winnipeg Accessibility Design Standards (2006). HOW OUR STAFF CAN SERVE YOU

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We didn't expect this in WINNIPEG!? What to DO ... - YouTube

Things to do & see in Winnipeg, Manitoba, your ultimate guide! Thank you to Travel Manitoba for partnering with me on this video.☼ Travel Advice & Adventure:... Gillian Mae Reyes Angeles 7th Birthday Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The Fort Garry Hotel - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Duration: 3:28. TravelAnnex Recommended for you. 3:28. How to earn player points playing craps - Duration: 12:22. WhatsUPwithDJ Recommended for you. 12 ... Vanessa Jade's 18th Birthday, Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Conveniently connected to the Club Regent Casino and Canad Inns hotel, the Club Regent Event Centre is a one-of-a-kind facility that gives you the power to transform the venue to meet your vision ... Lake Winnipeg's Paradise Beaches - Duration: 53 ... Manitoba - Duration: 5:36. Vince Krochak Recommended for you. 5:36. Montbleu Resort and Casino - Hotels in Tahoe - Duration: 2:25 ...