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[FNV] Modded game crashing every 5 - 10 minutes.

My game keeps crashing and I can't figure out why, I'm running a FNVEdit merged patch as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is my load order:
0 0 FalloutNV.esm
1 1 DeadMoney.esm
2 2 HonestHearts.esm
3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm
4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm
5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm
6 6 ClassicPack.esm
7 7 MercenaryPack.esm
8 8 TribalPack.esm
9 9 CaravanPack.esm
10 a YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
11 b Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm
12 c NVInteriors_Core.esm
13 d FCOMaster.esm
14 e ELECTRO-CITY - CompletedWorkorders.esm
15 f AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
16 10 NVInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
17 11 Lucky38Suite_Reloaded.esm
18 12 More Perks.esm
19 13 More Perks for Dead Money.esm
20 14 Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm
21 15 Weapon Mod Expansion.esm
22 16 WME - GRA.esm
23 17 WME - DLCs.esm
24 18 Project Nevada - Core.esm
25 19 Project Nevada - Equipment.esm
26 1a Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.esm
27 1b factions reloaded raiders v2.esm
28 1c ELECTRO-CITY - Highways and Byways.esm
29 1d Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp
30 1e Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp
31 1f More Perks for Honest Hearts.esm
32 20 More Traits.esm
33 21 More Perks for Old World Blues.esm
34 22 More Perks for Companions.esm
35 23 Project Nevada - Extra Options.esm
36 24 Own The Ultra-Luxe Penthouse.esm
37 25 YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
38 26 The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
39 27 More Perks for Old World Blues Update.esp
40 28 More Perks for Dead Money Update.esp
41 29 More Perks for Companions Update.esp
42 2a Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition.esp
43 2b WMIMNV.esp
44 2c Vurt's WFO.esp
45 2d Legion Quests Expanded.esp
46 2e populatedcasino.esp
47 2f More Traits Update.esp
48 30 FCO - GlowingOne.esp
49 31 FCO - OHSB NPC Edits.esp
50 32 FCO - NPC Changes.esp
51 33 Factions Reloaded Legion.esp
52 34 factions reloaded followers.esp
53 35 More Perks Update.esp
54 36 More Perks for Honest Hearts Update.esp
55 37 DragbodysLegionReplacerV01.esp
56 38 LootMenu.esp
57 39 ILO - PipBoy Light.esp
58 3a ILO - YUP Patch.esp
59 3b Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp
60 3c Project Nevada - All DLC.esp
61 3d LonesomeRoadScorchedSierraPowerHelmet.esp
62 3e NVDLC04 Allegiance w Duster.esp
63 3f EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp
64 40 NVNovacApartament.esp
65 41 WeaponModsExpanded.esp
66 42 WME - GRA - Complete.esp
67 43 WMX-DLCMerged.esp
68 44 WME - GRA - All Weapons.esp
69 45 NewVegasUncut 123457 Merged.esp
70 46 WME - Arenovalis.esp
71 47 Weapon Mod Expansion.esp
72 48 WMX-ArenovalisTextures.esp
73 49 Mojave Arsenal.esp
74 4a WME - GRA - Vendor Reform.esp
75 4b WME - GRA - Just Guns.esp
76 4c WME - GRA - Weapon Integration.esp
77 4d MMUE-CP-WME-Complete.esp
78 4e Mojave Arsenal - GRA Weapon Mod Integration.esp
79 4f WME - DLCs Arenovalis.esp
80 50 WME - DLCs.esp
81 51 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Honest.Hearts.Grunt.Patch.esp
82 52 Weapon Retexture Project.esp
83 53 WME - GRA - Arenovalis.esp
84 54 MMUE-CP-PNEquipment.esp
85 55 Project Nevada - WMX.esp
86 56 WMX-POPMerged.esp
87 57 MMUE POP.esp
88 58 Better Casinos.esp
89 59 Better Sierra Madre Casino.esp
90 5a NevadaSkies.esp
91 5b ADAM Complete.esp
92 5c ADAM - MAIN.esp
93 5d ADAM - Nemesis Armor Pack.esp
94 5e WME - GRA - Unique Integration.esp
95 5f ADAM - Rangers on Patrol.esp
96 60 Radio Free Wasteland.esp
97 61 Radio Free Christmas.esp
98 62 Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Store.LITE.esp
99 63 LegionGladiatorPA.esp
100 64 Conelrad 640-1240.esp
101 65 CAGE
102 66 ADAM - Outcast Ranger Armor.esp
103 67 ADAM - Trooper Gloves.esp
104 68 JackpotAMR.esp
105 69 MMUE-CP-PNCore.esp
106 6a MMUE-CP-PNRebalance.esp
107 6b Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp
108 6c Project Nevada - WME.esp
109 6d Project Nevada - EVE All DLC.esp
110 6e Project Nevada - Rebalance Uncapped Max Level.esp
111 6f ProjectNevadaScorchedSierraPowerHelmet.esp
112 70 CPI Icons.esp
113 71 NPCsSprint.esp
114 72 XFO - 4bb - Perks - Two per level.esp
115 73 Diagonal movement.esp
116 74 Reload Sounds.esp
117 75 DLC Weapon Integration.esp
118 76 DLC Weapon Integration - WMX.esp
119 77 Ultra-Luxe Crafting Stations.esp
120 78 Vanilla UI Plus.esp
121 79 Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp
122 7a ILO - GS Shack.esp
123 7b ILO - NVInteriors Project.esp
124 7c ILO - A World of Pain.esp
125 7d PerkEveryLevel.esp
126 7e m.esp
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Why the Legion is Doomed to be Destroyed in a Total War with the NCR.

Even if the Legion were to win the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and conquer the Mojave Wasteland, they'd merely be buying themselves a little extra time and simply stall their inevitable demise. Note that the following analysis assumes that the Legion won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and that the Courier died in Goodsprings.
To start off this analysis, let's begin with a run-down of the respective weapons, equipment and gear of the respective ranks of the NCR and the Legion going into the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Beginning with the NCR garrison at Hoover Dam. The NCR Trooper comprises the core of the Republic's colossal armies and is the prime component of the NCR Army. A superb combination of volunteers and conscripts whose degrees of training, motivation, combat experience and access to equipment vary across the ranks, they're some of the most disciplined, most professional soldiers in all of the Wastes.
They're outfitted with modern military-grade ballistic vests that offer excellent protection against small arms fire, shrapnel and melee weapons alongside steel helmets. The NCR Army battalion that's stationed at Hoover Dam in particular is fully comprised of battle-hardened, fully-trained volunteer veteran NCR Troopers that are armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines, 5mm Assault Rifles, 12-gauge Riot Shotguns and .308 Sniper Rifles to supplement their standard-issued 5.56 × .45mm NATO Service Rifles.
The NCR Patrol Ranger is one of the finest, most elite warriors in both the NCR military and the Wastelands, overall. Having survived a brutal training regimen that's so ludicrously difficult that 8-out-of-10 aspiring recruits wash-out, these purely volunteer harbingers of death have little to no equals in terms of skill, fighting prowess and strength.
They're outfitted with a suit of hand-made First-Generation Combat sporting a knife sheath, a hydration pouch and spiked spurs for unarmed combat that is impervious to any and all small arms fire, shrapnel and melee attacks. They're armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines, .308 Sniper Rifles and .44 Magnum Trail Carbines.
The NCR Heavy Trooper is not only the elite heavy shock infantry of the NCR Army, but is also the proverbial sledgehammer through which the Republic may crush its enemies and obliterate all that may threaten its values.
Having earned their distinctive armor through immense sacrifice in blood, sweat and most of their young lives, they're the absolute best-trained, best-equipped, most battle-hardened, most professional, most skilled, most fanatically-devoted warriors in the whole of the NCR Armed Forces (rivaled only by the legendary NCR Veteran Rangers). Warriors that are more than willing to fight to their absolute last breath in defense of the Republic and all that it represents.
They're outfitted with NCR Salvaged Power Armor, suits of T-45d Power Armor that were captured from the Brotherhood of Steel during the Brotherhood War that have had their joint servomotors removed and their back-mounted power cylinders replaced with custom-built energy modules and built-in air-conditioning units so that Power Armor Training wouldn't be needed to wear them.
And while they're no longer legitimate suits of Power Armor in that they're no longer powered, they're still some of the absolute best and most protective suits of armor within the Republic's entire mammoth arsenal. Completely invulnerable to all but the most powerful conventional firearms, highly-advanced energy weapons, specialized ammunition and high-powered explosives, they can truly absorb Hellish amounts of punishment. They're armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Light Machine Guns, 5mm Miniguns, Heavy Incinerators, Flamers and Missile Launchers (albeit rarely).
The NCR Veteran Ranger is a living, breathing legend walking amongst the ruins and ashes of the Old World, drawing inspiration and hope from soldiers and citizens of the Republic as well as fear and terror from enemies and all those who dare to oppose the NCR.
Fabled for their unmatched fighting prowess, envied for their flawlessly unequalled marksmanship technique, feared for their unrivaled warfighting skills, awe-inspiring for their unsurpassed pugilist talent and legendary for their innate mastery over hardcore survivalist skills, the NCR Veteran Rangers are the absolute finest, best-trained, most battle-hardened, most professional, most skilled, most-elite and all-around most bad-ass warriors in not only the entire history of the Republic military, but also the whole of the Western Wastes, as well.
Centurions and Praetorian Guards of Caesar's Legion, Knights and Paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel and even the Republic's very own NCR Heavy Troopers have learned to shudder in terror and fear at the mere mention of the mythical phenoms of the Wastelands that are the NCR Veteran Rangers
These fabled guardian angels of the Republic are outfitted with the equally legendary Black Armor, a hyper-advanced suit of Third-Generation Combat Armor consisting of a highly-flexible vest of incredibly-rigid high-impact armored plating with adjustable straps on both the sides and the shoulders and a built-in throat protector that's mounted on the vest.
Combined with the state-of-the-art rounded-shell ballistic helmet sporting built-in lamps and infrared/visible light projectors as well as the complimentary highly-sophisticated armored mask with built-in low-light optics, an incorporated locking mechanism that joins the mask itself with the helmet shell, ear covers with built-in membranes that confer additional protection without inhibiting the wearer's hearing and built-in air filters, the mythical Black Armor is well-deserving of its stellar reputation.
As you can see, the NCR's forces are extremely heavily-armed, well-equipped and armed to the teeth with the absolute latest in top-of-the-line, high-powered firearms and state-of-the-art, highly-sophisticated energy weapons as well as superbly well-protected with an abundance of different varieties of military-grade body armors with varying degrees of effectiveness and even Salvaged Power Armor.
Now it's time for an evaluation of the Legion's weapons and technology. The Recruit Legionary is the primary foot soldier of Caesar's army and comprises the vast majority of the Legion's ranks. Trained and conditioned from before they could walk to become the perfect warriors, Recruit Legionaries are incredibly well-conditioned and in phenomenal physical shape, owing to a savagely intense training regimen that even the NCR Rangers would envy. Despite said conditioning, however, they're still the equivalent of literal cannon fodder with little-to-no actual skill in firearms usage and maintenance.
They're outfitted with a suit of makeshift featherweight armor that consists of sports equipment with bits and pieces of scrap metal atop a cloth tunic that's all lashed together with leather straps. An armor that's so weak that it couldn't even protect its wearer against the likes of a straight razor.
They're armed primarily with a "Machete" (what's really a lawnmower blade that's lashed to a stick) and "Throwing Spears" (what's really even bigger sticks with pieces of sharpened scrap metal fastened and jabbed into the tips), though they can rarely get their hands on firearms (albeit damn near broken ones) such as .357 Magnum Revolvers, .357 Magnum Cowboy Repeaters, 9mm Pistols, 20-gauge Single Shotguns, 20-gauge Caravan Shotguns, 5.56 × .45mm NATO Varmint Rifles and 10mm Pistols.
The Prime Legionary is the centerpiece of the Legion's fighting force and the core component of any Legion formation. Having survived 5 years in Caesar's forces, a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself, Prime Legionaries are no longer mere cannon fodder but are now the main frontline fighting force of the Legion. With the accompanying improvement in weapons and equipment as well as adequate firearms skills to make the promotion that much sweeter.
They're outfitted with the exact same armor as before, only with a slight improvement in protection. It still can't protect the wearer from shit, however. They're armed with the standard-issued "Machetes" and "Throwing Spears" though they also have much better access to more advanced weapons than before.
Melee weapons, such as Machete Gladius', Power Fists and Chainsaws, and firearms (of decent quality), such as 10mm SMGs, 12-gauge Sawn-Off Shotguns .44 Magnum Revolvers and .308 Hunting Rifles are all available to them in significant quantities.
The Veteran Legionary is the oldest, most experienced, most elite warrior within the lesser ranks of the Legion and is also the precise scalpel to the blunt, destructive warhammer of the Recruit and Prime Legionaries.
Having survived a full decade in Caesar's service, a monumental achievement in its own right, Veteran Legionaries are the elite rapid reaction force of the Legion that's tasked with neutralizing particularly tough adversaries that their lesser counterparts can't defeat and typically remain in reserve until otherwise needed for tipping the scales of a pivotal battle or campaign in the Legion's favor.
As they're the oldest Legionaries (a lot of whom have been with Caesar since day 1), they're also the most experienced, most capable Legionaries who are in their absolute prime in regards to martial prowess and physical resilience. They're second only to Centurions in terms of skill and experience, which is reflected in their improved access to superior weapons and equipment. They can also use and maintain firearms with frightening levels of efficiency.
They're outfitted with the same armor as before, though with even better protection. Still couldn't protect you from anything meaningful, though. They're armed with the usual standard kit in addition to melee weapons such as Fire Axes and Power Fists as well as firearms (of mint condition and with virtually unlimited access to) such as .44 Magnum Revolvers, .308 Hunting Rifles, 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines and 12.7mm SMGs.
The Decanus of the Legion is the lesser officer beneath the Centurion and is responsible for tactical small-unit operations and squad-level leadership. While not too different from ordinary Legionaries in terms of skill, equipment and even appearance, they still have slightly better access to weapons hence they deserve a separate segment.
Recruit Decanii can get access to 9mm SMGs and 10mm SMGs unlike Recruit Legionaries, Prime Decanii aren't any different from Prime Legionaries and Veteran Decanii can get access to 12.7mm Pistols unlike Veteran Legionaries (not a real improvement, I know). Everything else is exactly the same.
The Centurion is the absolute apex of the Legion's strength and the top field commanders of Caesar's armies, second in authority only to Legate Lanius and Caesar himself amongst a tiny select few of other superiors.
Having survived 15-20 years of a long, arduous life of fighting in Caesar's name (a completely unimaginable phenomenon, indeed) before finally earning the treasured armor of the Centurion (which they can decorate with the trophies of their fallen enemies at their leisure), Centurions are the absolute most elite, most skilled, most battle-hardened and ultimately the most dangerous warriors in the entirety of the Legion.
To even BEGIN to qualify for Centurion status, one must have fought in and survived numerous Legion campaigns as well as slain countless opponents in battle alongside the time requirement. All to ensure that only the finest of Caesar's warriors ever reach that level of authority in his Legion.
As the oldest, most experienced warriors in Caesar's army, the Centurions comprise the old guard of Caesar's army, most of them having served their lord since the very beginning. Their status all but ensures that they're reserved for only the absolute deadliest, most lethal of assignments that even Veteran Legionaries can't handle. They're ultimately only deployed if absolutely necessary.
In order to ensure that his Centurions can both accomplish their missions without even the slightest chance of failure and protect themselves without difficulty, Caesar has granted them unlimited access to the absolute finest weapons in his Legion's arsenal and has seen to it that they have acquired the absolute sharpest firearms skills that money can buy as a corresponding reward for their reaching Centurion status.
They're outfitted with Centurion armor which, while legendary amongst the Legion, really isn't that special. It's actually just Veteran Legionary armor with some cool decorations on it at the end of day.
Pieces of T-45d Power Armor on the right arm, the sleeve from a suit of NCR Ranger Patrol Armor and the pauldrons from an Armored Vault Suit on the left arm, the boots and shin guards from a suit of First-Generation Combat Armor on the lower legs, the crotch/thigh guards from a suit of NCR Ranger Patrol Armor on the upper legs, gloves from a suit of Leather Armor on the hands and a Super Mutant Brute chestplate on the torso, to be exact.
Realistically speaking, Centurion armor would be just about useless against virtually any weapon in the NCR's arsenal. Even a single 5.56 × .45mm NATO round fired from a basic Service Rifle would most certainly do the job, flawlessly.
They're armed with basic melee weapons such as Machete Gladius' and Chainsaws as well as high-tech melee weapons such as Thermic Lances (which are actually just repurposed metalworking tools) and Super Sledges in addition to powerful firearms such as .308 Hunting Rifles, 12-gauge Hunting Shotguns, 5.56 x .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines and even .50 BMG Anti-Materiel Rifles (albeit rarely).
Now we must now examine what will inevitably be a huge problem for the Legion even if they were to win the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The Legion, even though it does in fact have access to some top-of-the-line weapons, only has them in an extremely limited capacity and strictly reserves them for only the highest-ranking, most elite Legion forces and field commanders.
The overwhelming bulk of the Legion's troops have little-to-no real firearms and what pitifully little that they can get their hands on are in extremely piss-poor condition. Not that it would matter, considering the fact that they don't have the proper training that's necessary to actually use them, much less maintain them.
The vast majority of Caesar's troops rely almost entirely on primitive makeshift melee weapons and their own martial prowess to fight their battles, which inevitably means that the Legion has to avoid direct engagement with NCR forces, instead relying on subterfuge and guerilla warfare to combat the Republic.
And it gets even worse for the Legion when one considers that the higher that its troops advance up the totem pole, the fewer Legionaries that it finds at the higher levels. A direct consequence of the Legion's overprioritization of quality and individual skill in combat is that it inevitably results in an extremely small cadre of elite warriors and field commanders surrounded by a sea of lesser soldiers and officers.
Combined with the fact that the Legion is only 34 years-old by the events of F:NV (meaning that even if one were to ignore things like inevitable attrition all throughout the Legion's war-filled history of expansion and conquest, they still wouldn't have that many Veteran Legionaries/Decanii and Centurions) as well as the fact that attrition over the years must be taken into account (the First Battle of Hoover Dam and the Legion's invasion of Colorado alone absolutely devastated their elite ranks), it's only obvious that the Legion's elite forces are relatively puny.
Furthermore, we know for a fact that there's enough Veteran Legionaries/Decanii for them to form a few of their own exclusive Centuria (a Century is 80-men-strong, I might add), with the Red Okie Centuria being a prime example of this. This definitely suggests that the Legion has at least a couple hundred Veteran Legionaries/Decanii at its disposal. As for Centurions, it's a little known fact that they're so incredibly rare in the Legion that they're actually explicitly ordered to not enter combat until absolutely necessary (i.e self-defense or if they're ordered into battle by a superior).
This, along with the fact that they're never really seen in any meaningful numbers in-game until the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, strongly suggests that there might only be at most several dozen Centurions in the whole of the Legion (there definitely wouldn't be over 100 of them). Either way, however, the Legion's elite forces are so pathetically tiny that they couldn't possibly justify the Legion having any meaningful amount of high-end weaponry.
The NCR, on other hand, doesn't have these problems as 1. the NCR prioritizes protection and firepower above all else for their forces and 2. even their most basic troops have exclusive access to essentially unlimited supplies of all manner of firearms and explosives as well as highly superb protection in the form of military-grade body armor.
Meaning that the NCR not only has a hopelessly insurmountable edge in firepower, technology and protection over the Legion, but that soldiers of the NCR also have a far higher life expectancy than their Legion counterparts, as well. All but ensuring that the NCR has a vastly higher volume of surviving battle-hardened combat veterans relative to the Legion that enables for the Republic to easily distribute extremely invaluable, ultimately irreplaceable combat experience and lessons learned in battle across the entirety of their military to a far greater extent than the Legion.
Scores of battle-hardened NCR Troopers that distinguish themselves on the battlefield go on to enlist with the NCR Rangers upon receiving an invitation to do so (fun fact: the vast majority of NCR Ranger recruits and even NCR Rangers themselves are/were NCR Troopers who earned their new status while serving in the NCR Army), earn the coveted Salvaged Power Armor and become NCR Heavy Troopers or earn promotions to positions of authority in the NCR Army (prime examples being Colonel Cassandra Moore and Colonel James Hsu). All of the above information will have colossal long-term consequences for the Legion, at the end of the day.
With that out of the way, let's move on to the main argument itself. The most positive estimates of the Legion's total numbers and military strength would be at best 5,000-8,000 troops. Then we must take into account the fact that the Legion is going to suffer massive losses (easily numbering into the thousands) taking Hoover Dam from the NCR as the NCR garrison here is extremely well-defended, well-supplied and heavily-fortified by both an entire battalion of elite, battle-hardened NCR Troopers and God only knows how many NCR Patrol Rangers, NCR Heavy Troopers and NCR Veteran Rangers.
Combined with the fact that General Oliver's Compound is extremely well-defended with force fields, a turret system, NCR Veteran Rangers, NCR Heavy Troopers, elite NCR Troopers and an absolute labyrinth that's filled to the brim with all manner of booby traps ranging from rigged shotguns, bear traps and mines of all types to grenade bouquets and overhanging objects (and given that you see a pile of fresh Legionary and Centurion corpses at your feet whenever you enter the Compound during the "Veni, Vidi, Vici" quest it's more than safe to assume that Legion casualties will be extremely massive just securing this area alone), this only serves to bolster my claim that thousands of the Legion's troops will perish at Hoover Dam even if they were to take it.
With only a mere fraction of their original number (that 5,000-8,000 will have been massively depleted after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam), now the Legion has to set out and secure the rest of the Mojave Wasteland, which will prove to be completely impossible over time. The Legion will find next to no tribes to assimilate as they exterminate the Powder Gangers, Fiends, Vipers, Jackals and the Kings in all of their endings.
And while the Legion still has the Great Khans and the Boomers, they won't help much. The Great Khans are down to little more than a pitiful rag-tag band of holdouts after both their ass-whipping at the hands of Mr. House and their decimation at Bitter Springs by the NCR. A fact that only gets worse when we subtract the women and female children (breeding stock), the elderly, the sick and the disabled (killed off immediately) as well as mention the fact that the Frumentarius Karl does say in his journal that the Legion would have to decimate most of the tribe, anyways. Meaning that the Legion will at most get a couple paltry handful of warriors from them.
As for the Boomers (assuming that the "Volare!" quest isn't completed) will prove to be more than a huge cost than a real benefit to the Legion. The Boomers' artillery alone would kill hundreds, if not thousands, of Legionaries with the Boomers themselves, armed to the teeth with Missile Launchers, Fat Mans, Grenade Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Grenade Rifles, 5.56 x 45mm. Marksman Carbines and 5mm Assault Carbines in addition to Mr. Gutsy combat robots and Sentry Bots, killing hundreds and even thousands more before the Legion finally conquer them.
Also consider that the Boomers, who worship their artillery and weapons with a near religious reverence, will by no means let their weapons fall into the hands of savages. Thus we could easily see them sabotaging their artillery (how hard would it be to load an artillery shell and lob a frag grenade down the barrel, after all?; and given that the Boomers only have 3-4 artillery pieces it wouldn't take long to do) and munitions stockpiles (just a few bricks of C4 could easily destroy all of the Boomers' weapons and ammunition supplies) to keep them out of Legion hands, which only adds insult to injury.
Even worse for the Legion is that when we subtract those Boomers that died in battle (most likely all of the adult males), the women and female children, the elderly, sick and disabled the Legion will have only a handful of male children to their name (remember that the Boomers are a really puny tribe that depend entirely on their firepower to survive) which means that they will have achieved nothing despite their massive losses incurred from conquering Nellis Air Force Base.
Then we also consider the fact that the Legion doesn't enslave civilized communities or Independent Towns unless under extraordinary circumstances (as evidenced by Siri over at the Fort who hailed from an Independent Town in New Mexico and was a medical student there prior to its destruction by the Legion).
Of course, it wouldn't matter as even if they did, the entire New Vegas area is completely evacuated by the NCR in the event of a Legion victory at Hoover Dam as evidenced by Arcade Gannon's Legion ending where he's convinced to remain in Freeside (all of Freeside, North Vegas, Westside, East Vegas and the Strip, which is really just a resort for NCR tourists rather than an actual community, are evacuated with those few that don't make it out, Arcade included, being killed by the Legion).
And when we consider that Nelson was butchered, Camp Searchlight irradiated and Nipton destroyed by the Legion with Goodsprings being left alone and Primm just falling under Legion authority (no point in enslaving the town anyways considering how it's just one big retirement home alongside Goodsprings which is also evacuated by all save a few old, stubborn folks) then it's blatantly clear that the Legion will have very few civilized people left to enslave.
With an even smaller fraction of survivors thanks to their conquest of Nellis AFB (in addition to hundreds more casualties against the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Kings and what's left of House's Securitron police force and the Chairmen) the Legion will soon realize its folly and discover that both holding the Mojave Wasteland and continuing their advance West is literally impossible.
The Legion's logistical situation and acquisition of supplies will soon prove to be an insurmountable nightmare within mere weeks of their occupation of the Mojave. The loss of Nipton, Camp Searchlight and Nelson will serve to severely hamstring the Legion's logistics with the eventual deaths of New Vegas, Primm and Goodsprings only complicating the Legion's supply lines even further.
As 99% of the Strip's revenue comes from NCR tourists and soldiers on leave and given how the Legion will most likely tear down the casinos and ban whores, booze, chems and gambling under Caesar's law, the Strip will eventually shrivel up and die due to loss of revenue. North Vegas, East Vegas, Westside, Freeside, Primm and Goodsprings, which are entirely dependent on Republic trade and commerce for survival, will eventually suffer the same fate as NCR trade and business abandon the region out of both fear and hatred for the Legion.
Especially after the Legion's successful assassination of President Kimball which will see him martyred and ensure that the NCR will cut off all ties to the fallen Mojave Wasteland. With all of the Mojave's communities and towns dying off, the Legion's supply lines will crumble and face imminent collapse within only a few months time (Hoover Dam isn't a viable supply route as while it does allow the Legion to cross the Colorado River in force it's just too far to provide adequate, long-term support) which will only serve to doom the Legion's occupation of the Mojave Wasteland.
We must also take into account that the Legion will need every last man, Denarius and resource at its disposal if it so much as hopes to hold the region and continue the advance West. Which will force Caesar to relinquish the Legion's entire empire East of the Colorado in order to do so. In Legate Lanius’ own words, the Legion's expansion campaigns in the East have been faltering badly as Caesar's obsession with Hoover Dam, New Vegas and the West has seen the Legion's full strength syphoned off towards Hoover Dam as part of Caesar's plan to overrun Hoover Dam, conquer New Vegas and eventually invade the West.
Imagine the Hell that the Legion will have trying to secure the Mojave Wasteland, which will prove to be so bad that the Legion heartlands will have to be left defenseless, lawless and chaotic just to even begin to make such an ambitious feat even remotely feasible. Some would probably argue that Caesar would surely never abandon the East just for the tiniest, southernmost tip of Nevada and just one little city but I'd advise you to reconsider.
Caesar explicitly states that while the Legion does have their own cities back East, NONE OF THEM are ANYTHING like New Vegas. Why is that such a big deal, one might ask? It's simple, really. While the Mojave Wasteland was relatively untouched by the nuclear holocaust that was the Great War, thanks to the quick and decisive actions of Robert Edwin House, New Vegas is at best a total dump and at worst an absolute shithole.
Filled to the brim with disease, essentially overrun with Raiders, bandits and common criminals of all stripes, absolutely crushed beneath the iron heel of a colossal drug-addiction crisis, bursting at the seams with abject misery and poverty and rampant with starvation, New Vegas is without a doubt little more than a massive dumpster fire.
Things are so bad in that cursed place that you actually have children chasing rats in the streets just to survive, locals constantly complaining about hunger pains and withdrawals and scum ranging from the Fiends to random little hooligan punks constantly ransacking the place.
Westside, the South Vegas ruins, East Vegas, North Vegas and Freeside are all Hellish nightmares that are almost completely hopeless causes, at the end of the day. Even if one takes into account the diamond in the rock, the New Vegas Strip, you still wouldn't find many reasons to be impressed.
What you have is a tiny wealthy resort community that still looks like a dump (though it's still a major improvement from the rest of New Vegas), has highly dilapidated infrastructure (the Tops Casino still has a giant hole on the side of the building) and is surrounded by a wall that's held together with spit, grit and a whole lotta' duct tape.
And while the Strip is safe, orderly and prosperous by the standards of the Mojave Wasteland (a very shit standard, I might add), it's ultimately a very terrible place by the standards of the rest of the post-apocalyptic world (i.e. NCR territory and lands under Legion control). If Legion cities can't even match the standards of that shithole, what does that say about Caesar's willingness to hold them? Especially in light of what he'd be gaining in return?
Furthermore, Caesar often tends to view himself as a mere barbaric king of the Gauls, with his Legion being nothing but one big nomadic tribe of savages without a true home or purpose in his eyes, which is extremely depressing. Caesar sees New Vegas as a true city, a true capital, a true home for both himself and his Legion, a true Rome that he can rule over and could preside over a true empire in. And the West as that very true empire that he so desperately relishes.
Do you honestly believe that Caesar wouldn't trade his current empire (which he clearly holds in very low esteem and almost regrets ever conquering it) for his new Rome and a stepping stone towards eventually conquering his new Roman Empire (the stepping stone being the Mojave Wasteland)? He'd trade the whole of the East for New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland in a heartbeat and in doing so will seal the Legion's fate and imminent doom.
With the Legion having completely relinquished the East (and therefore cutting themselves off from their resource base, source of revenue/income and escape route, in the process) their supply lines and logistical network in chaos and having absolutely no source of replenishment and reinforcements for their ranks, the Legion will slowly but surely disintegrate, trapped in a permanent holding pattern in the Mojave that'll bleed them dry and drain them of all their resources.
The NCR, meanwhile, will have simply dug in at the Mojave Outpost and fortified their defenses there. They'd have most certainly brought in the 3 VB-02 Vertibirds (which are armed with Gatling Lasers, Missile Launcher racks and Mini Nuke Launchers and outfitted with heavy armor) that were conducting combat air patrols of the NCR military base just a few miles away from the Mojave Outpost.
Far from stopping there, however, Colonel Royez (who's outfitted with the Scorched Sierra Power Armor which is a fully-operational suit of heavily-modified T-45d Power Armor upgraded with onboard medical systems capable of healing any injury and an improved back-mounted power pack from a suit of T-51b Power Armor that will be capable of resisting nearly all of the Legion's weapons and armed with a Plasma Caster chock full of overcharged Microfusion Cells so incredibly strong that it can kill a lvl. 50 Courier in Power Armor with just 2-3 hits!) and his men (NCR Heavy Troopers armed to the teeth with Gatling Lasers, Plasma Casters and Tesla Cannons as well as NCR Troopers armed with Tri-Beam Laser Rifles, Multiplas Rifles, Laser Rifles and Plasma Rifles) will also redeployed there from the same military camp, as well.
Republic artillery pieces can also be deployed there to help bolster the outpost's defenses, as well. A massive network of bunkers, pillboxes and trenches all along the hill below the outpost as well as machine gun nests, sniper nests, minefields and razorwire can also be established to further enhance the impregnable defensive perimeter of the new frontline. Once all of this is done, the NCR will then proceed to flood the outpost with tens of thousands of NCR Troopers, NCR Heavy Troopers, NCR Veteran Rangers
And when coupled with the fact that the Mojave Outpost is atop a high hill, is flanked by mountain ranges on both sides (which will completely prevent the Legion from attacking its flanks and rear), is right on the border with fully-controlled Republic territory (which will make it impossibly easy to keep well-supplied and will also ensure that Republic reinforcements are plentiful and easily available) and the fact that one could see everything up to Primm and Nipton from the Mojave Outpost (that particular area is also wide-open, completely exposed and lacks any real cover which means that any Legion force of any meaningful size would be spotted from miles away day or night which in turn will prevent Legion surprise attacks), the Mojave Outpost will truly become a 100% impregnable fortress.
To make things even worse for the Legion, there's absolutely no bypassing the Mojave Outpost either as the only areas that can allow such a short cut around the Long 15 are completely and literally impassable. The Big Empty is often described as a wall to any living thing approaching it, the Divide is little more than a death trap and is completely avoided by the Legion for obvious reasons and Death Valley is so inhospitable that even the NCR, with its fleet of military cargo trucks and Vertibirds, flat out avoids that area out of habit.
Any army stupid enough to try and cross through these areas will not return alive under any circumstances. Which in turn ensures that only through the Long 15 can the Legion hope to invade the West and given that the Mojave Outpost is purely impenetrable and that the Mojave Wasteland is completely entrapped with mountains and the Colorado River, the Legion will be completely trapped in the Mojave Wasteland and will never be freed from their holding pattern there.
The NCR simply bides its time and let's the Legion wear itself out and tear itself apart trying to hold the Mojave Wasteland, occasionally fending off Legion assaults on the Mojave Outpost whilst inflicting heavy losses on the Legion, launching several limited-scale offensives here and there so as to deplete the Legion's ranks even further and deploying NCR Veteran Rangers into the Mojave Wasteland so as to ambush Legion supply caravans and patrols to worsen the Legion's logistical nightmare.
After almost a year, the Legion will finally be vulnerable, it's forces stretched absolutely thin down to their absolute breaking point, their supply lines and logistics completely exhausted and expended alongside their supplies as a whole, the Legion's ranks reduced to little more than a tiny skeleton crew, the Legion completely scattered across the entire Mojave Wasteland unable to guard it or defend it any longer and the Colorado River at its back, with absolutely no way of escaping their inevitable demise.
At this moment, the NCR finally attacks with a full-scale assault across the entirety of the Mojave, completely and utterly destroying the Legion in its entirety and killing/capturing Caesar himself as Republic forces swarm across New Vegas and wipe out his Legion all around him within mere hours, days if the Legion is lucky. And so the NCR-Legion War finally draws to a close, with the back of the Legion broken forever and ceasing to exist.
Either way the Legion is fucked with a Legion defeat at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam being a mercy killing at best for the Legion.
(Sources are down below in the comments section).
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Nevada/Las Vegas minimums (COVID Edition) part 5

It was getting really tedious to edit a post with over 100 casinos in it. So I'm breaking it up to Nevada casinos and non-Nevada casinos.
If you are reporting about a casino, could you please try to include the following:
The more information we have, the better off we will be.
We all know that tables can change rapidly. I saw a table go from 25 to 15 to 100 at the Flamingo in the course of a few hours. I'll try to keep the mins what is reported the most and add other information in the comments like "found this table at $5 on graveyard shift" so people konw that isn't the norm
These tables can be a pain to maintain, so please provide as much information as possible. An informed roller is a beter roller.
Vegas Strip Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Aria 25 25 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/27
Ballys 10 15 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/3
Bellagio 15 25 25 50 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 9/3
Caesars 25 25-50 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/25
Cosmo 25-50 50-100 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/22
Cromwell 10 10 15 15 100X Unknown ATS Unknown 11/24
Encore 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, on some tables 8/12
Excalibur 10 10 10 15 3x4x5x Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/24 crapless is usually $10. Bubble craps $5
Flamingo 10-15 15-25 Unknown 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/29 $100 table at times.
Harrah's 15 25 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Linq 15 15 Unknown 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Luxor 10 10 15 15 3x4x5x Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Updated 9/13
Mandalay Bay 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
MGM Grand 10 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Unkown
Mirage 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 9/29
NY/NY 15 15-25 15 15-25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes 10/27
Osheas Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Paris 15 15 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 11/9
Park MGM 10 15 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/6
Sahara 5 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/15
Strat 10 10 10 25 10X Unknown Unknown No 11/24
Treasure Island 15 15 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/4
Tropicana 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 11/24
Venetian 25 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/22
Wynn 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes, on some tables 10/1
Downtown WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Binions 5 10 5 10 5X Unknown None Unknown 11/14 Binions had $5 table several times (opens at 10)
California 10 10 10 10 2X Unknown None Unknown 10/27 Tables open at 11AM
Circa 15 25 15 25 3/4/5X Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/2 $10 tables in the mornings have been reported.
The D 15 15 15 15-25 10X Unknown ATS No glass Updated 9/4
Downtown Grand 10 10 10 Unknown 10X Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/14 Table opens at noon.
El Cortez 10 10 10 10 10X Unknown None Yes, some tables 9/4
Jerrys Nugget 3 3 3 3 Unknown Unknown ATS 3/None 10/27
Four Queens 5 10 5 10 5X Unknown Unknown No 11/14 $5 tables can be found on some days
Fremont 10 10 10 Unknown 2X None Unknown No 8/10
Golden Gate 10-15 15 15 Unknown 10X Unknown ATS No 8/28 (GG has been 15 some mornings dropping to 10 later in the day)
Golden Nugget 10-15 10 Unknown 3/4/5X Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/18 $15 with one table open on 8/18
Plaza 10 10 Unknown Unknown 10X Unknown None No 9/4
OffStrip Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Aliante 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Boulder Station 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cannery 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Firebet 4 per side 8/31
Ellis Island 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/17 Craps table opens up at 10am and its 5 dollars 90% of the time
Gold Coast 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/16
Green Valley Ranch 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
M Resort 10 10 10 10 3x4x5x Unknown Unknown No 3/side 11/24
The Orleans 10 15 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/16
Palace Station 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown ATS And Firebet Unknown 9/17
Red Rock 10 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/14
Sahara 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 11/24
Sams Town 15 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 8/15 1 table
South Point 5 5 5 10 2X Unknown None No 10/27
Strat 5 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Suncoast 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown No 10/6
Sunset Station 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Westgate 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 8/24
OtherNV Casnio WeekDay Min WeekNight Min WeekendMin WeeknightMin MaxOdds Field Pay Sidebet Dividers/Per Side Last Update Comments
Cactus Pete's (Jackpot) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/29
Aquariums (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown ATS No 9/29
Edgewater (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/29
Gold Nugget (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/29 Opened at noon
Harrahs (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown No 9/29
Tropicana (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 9/29 Opened at 6PM on weekeday
Atlantis (Reno) 5/10 5/10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown SharpShooter Unknown 9/29 3 tables on weekends
Cal Neva (Reno) 5 5 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown ATS Unknown 9/12
Eldorado (Reno) 5 10 10 25 Unknown Unknown Fire Unknown 9/12
Grand Sierra (Reno) 15 15-25 15 25 Unknown Unknown ATS Unknown 9/29
The Nuggett (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Fire Unknown 8/22
Peppermill (Reno) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown none Unknown 3 craps tables
Sands (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown none Unknown 8/22
Silver Legacy (Reno) 10 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Fire Unknown
Western Village (Reno) 1 1 1 1 Unknown Unknown None Unknown 8/22
Hard Rock (Tahoe) 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harrahs (Tahoe) 10 10 25 25 ATS Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/14
Harveys (Tahoe) 10 10 15 15 ATS and Fire Unknown Unknown Unknown 10/14
Montbleu (Tahoe) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nugget (Wendover) 5 5 5 5 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/31
Peppermill (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/31
Rainbow (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 7/31
Part 1. It's getting buried so I figured we would make a new one.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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FNV Freezing when approaching sloan from the south

So I am playing fnv and when I approach sloan when chomp lewis is going to tell me there is deathclaws the game freezes. Is there anyway to stop it here is my load order
Load Order
YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
Navmesh Fixes and Improvements.esm
Casino UnBanner.esm
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
Unofficial Patch NVSE.esp
WMIM Addendum.esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
JIP Improved Recipe Menu.esp
Vanilla UI Plus.esp
Tutorial Killer.esp
Weapon Retexture Project.esp
YUP - WRP Patch.esp
Cheaper Repair Vendors 10%.esp
ADAM - Trooper Gloves.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp
No Ammo Weight.esp
Little More Lamplight.esp
FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting - All DLC.esp
FNV RWL All DLC - Brighter Nights.esp
FNV RWL All DLC - No Overcast Weather.esp
M0rk's Lighting.esp
ADAM Complete.esp
ADAM - NCR Patrol Armor.esp
ADAM - Rangers on Patrol.esp
ELECTRO-CITY - Imaginator.esp
CustomLighting II.esp
Distributed Necklaces and Chains.esp
Book of Steel.esp
boa ncrpahelmet.esp
Better Casinos.esp
Better Sierra Madre Casino.esp
Casino Anti Anti Cheat.esp
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Nevada/Las Vegas minimums (COVID Edition)

It was getting really tedious to edit a post with over 100 casinos in it. So I'm breaking it up to Nevada casinos and non-Nevada casinos.
On a side note, heading to Vegas on Thursday. I'll try to write a trip report and update the minimums as I can. I'm there 9 days and We will be hitting more than 10 casinos, so I expect to be busy.
Without further ado:
Last update: 9/29
Vegas Strip Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Aria 10 15-25 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/25
Ballys 10 15 10 Unknown 2 tables Updated 9/3
Bellagio 15 25 25 50 Yes, all tables Updated 9/3
Caesars 25 25-50 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/25
Cosmo 25-50 50-100 Unknown Unknown Updated 8/22
Encore 10 10 10 10 Yes, on some tables Updated 8/12
Excalibur 10-15 15 10 15 Updated 8/24, crapless is usually $10. Bubble craps $5
Flamingo 10-15 15-25 Unknown 25 Updated 9/29 - $100 table at times.
Harrah's 15 25 25 25 No Updated 8/22
Linq 15 15 Unknown 25 No Updated 8/22
Luxor 10 10 15 15 Updated 9/13
Mandalay Bay 15 Unknown Unknown Unknown
MGM Grand 10 25 Unknown Unknown Yes
Mirage 15 25 Unknown Unknown Yes Updated 9/29
NY/NY 10 15-25 15 15-25 Yes Updated 8/31
Osheas Unknown 15 Unknown Unknown
Paris 15 15 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/22
Sahara 5 10 10 10 Updated 8/15
Strat Day 10 Unknown 10 25 No
Treasure Island 15 15 15 15 No Updated 9/4
Tropicana 10 Unknown No Updated 9/22
Venetian 25 25 Unknown Unknown No Updated 8/22
Wynn 10 10 10 10 Yes, on some tables Updated 8/12
Downtown Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Binions 5 10 5 10 Binions had $5 table several times (opens at 10, usually 5 until 6PM) Updated 9/4
California 10 10 Unknown Unknown Tables open at 11AM Updated 8/10
The D 15 15 15 15-25 No glass Updated 9/4
Downtown Grand 10 10 Unknown Unknown Table opens at noon. Updated 8/10.
El Cortez 10 10 10 10 Yes, some tables 2 tables Updated 9/4
Four Queens 10 10 10 10 No Updated 8/15
Fremont 10 10 10 Unknown Updated 8/10.
Golden Gate 10-15 15 15 Unknown Updated 8/29 (GG has been 15 some mornings dropping to 10 later in the day)
Golden Nugget 10-15 10 Unknown Unknown $15 with one table open on 8/18
Plaza 10 10 Unknown Unknown Updated 7/30
Sams Town 15 15 Unknown Unknown 1 table
Offstrip Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Aliante 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Boulder Station 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Cannery 5 5 5 Unknown up to 2 tables - now allowing 4 per side Updated 8/31
Ellis Island 5 5 5 5 1 table - Updated 8/17 - I just called the pit at Ellis. Craps table opens up at 10am and its 5 dollars 90% of the time
Gold Coast 10 10 10 Unknown Updated 8/31
Green Valley Ranch 10 10 Unknown Unknown 2 tables open
The Orleans 10 25 Unknown Unknown up to 4 tables, I was asked to wear a mask
Palace Station 10 10 10 Unknown Unknown ATS And Firebet tables Updated 9/17
Palms N/A N/A Unknown Unknown No open date announced
Red Rock 10 15 15 Unknown Updated 8/14
South Point 5 5 5 10 No Updated 8/31
Strat 5 10 Unknown Unknown
Sunset Station 5 5 Unknown Unknown
Westgate 15 Unknown Updated 8/24
Other NV Casinos Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Cactus Pete's (Jackpot) 5 5 5 5 No single table Updated 9/29/20
Aquariums (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 No ATS - Updated 9/29/20
Edgewater (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Updated 9/29/20
Gold Nugget (Laughlin) 5 5 10 10 No Opened at noon -Updated 9/29/20
Harrahs (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 no Updated 9/29/20
Tropicana (Laughlin) 10 10 10 10 Opened at 6PM on weekeday - Updated 9/29/20
Atlantis (Reno) 5/10 5/10 Unknown Unknown 3 tables on weekends
Cal Neva (Reno) 5 5 10 Unknown Updated 9/12
Circus Circus (Reno) Closed Closed Unknown Unknown Closed table game pit
Eldorado (Reno) 5 10 10 25 Updated 9/12
Grand Sierra (Reno) 15 15-25 15 25 Unknown Updated 9/29/20
The Nuggett (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Update 8/22
Peppermill (Reno) 5 5 10 10 3 craps tables
Sands (Reno) 5 5 5 5 Update 8/22
Silver Legacy (Reno) 10 25 Unknown Unknown
Western Village (Reno) 1 1 1 1 Update 8/22
Hard Rock (Tahoe) 5 5 Unknown Unknown
Harrahs (Tahoe) 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Montbleu (Tahoe) 10 15 Unknown Unknown
Nugget (Wendover) 5 5 5 5 Updated 7/31
Peppermill (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Updated 7/31
Rainbow (Wendover) 5 5 10 10 Updated 7/31
Part 1. It's getting buried so I figured we would make a new one.
Part 2
Part 3
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Report your table minimums here (COVID Edition)

6/17 Edit: Great info guys. Keep it coming! If something changes, please let me know.
I reached out to the mods asking about putting together a post to collect minimums for craps tables in Vegas and other places.
If this post gains traction, it may get a sticky. It may also help cut down on the amount of posts asking for this info.
I'll try to keep the body of the post updated. If information is correct, let me know.
Update 6/18 - Nevada Gaming Board announced masks required at table games in Nevada. I haven't heard that this is being enforced yet.
6/30: Keep reporting, especially any of you heading to Vegas. We would love to hear what the mins are on the strip
Let me know what casino, day or night and the minimums:
Vegas Strip Casino Day Min Night Min Dividers Comments
Aria 15 25 Unknown
Bellagio 10 25 Yes, all tables Poker tables open
Caesars 15 25 No Poker tables open
Casino Royale N/A N/A N/A Table Games not open
Cosmo 100 50-100
Encore 50 100 Yes, on some tables Updated 6/16
Excalibur 10-15 Unknown 10 crapless, 15 regular
Flamingo Rare (5) - 15 25
Harrah's 15 25 No Confirmed no dividers per 6/16 Youtube video
Linq 15 25 No
Luxor 10 15
Mandalay Bay N/A N/A
MGM Grand 10 25 Yes, all tables
NY/NY 10 15 Yes, all tables
Osheas Unknown 15
Paris N/A N/A No Opened 6/18 - Masks required at tables.
Planet Hollywood N/A N/A No open date announced
Rio N/A N/A No open date announced
Strat Day 10 Unknown
Treasure Island 5 15
Venetian Unknown 25 No
Wynn 25-50 50-100 Yes, on some tables Updated 6/16
Downtown Casino Day Min Night Min Dividers Comments
Binions 10 10
California 10 10
The D 10 15 No glass
El Cortez 10 10 Yes, some tables 2 tables
Four Queens 5 5 No Confirmed thru 6/14 Youtube video
Fremont 10 10
Golden Gate 5 5 From 6/9 on Vegas Message Board (no carnival games)
Sams Town 15 15 1 table
Offstrip Casino Day Min Night Min Dividers Comments
Aliente 10 10
Boulder Station 10 10
Cannery 5 5 up to 2 tables, a mask was provided but not required
Ellis Island 5 5 1 table
Gold Coast 5 5
Green Valley Ranch 10 10 2 tables open
The Orleans 10 25 up to 4 tables, I was asked to wear a mask
Palace Station 10 10 Unknown
Palms N/A N/A No open date announced
South Point 5 5 2-3x tables w/ only one $5 buy in
Strat 5 10
Sunset Station 5 5
Other NV Casinos Day Min Night Min Dividers Comments
Edgewater (Laughlin) 10 10
Harrahs (Laughlin) 10 15 no
Atlantis (Reno) 5/10 5/10 2 tables with different mins
Cal Neva (Reno) 5 5
Circus Circus (Reno) Closed Closed Closed table game pit
Eldorado (Reno) 10 10
Grand Sierra (Reno) 15 15-25
Peppermill (Reno) 10 10 3 craps tables
Silver Legacy (Reno) 10 10
Hard Rock (Tahoe) Closed Closed Currently closed
Harrahs (Tahoe) 25 25
Montbleu (Tahoe) 10 15
Non/NV Casino Day Min Night Min Dividers Comments
Foxwoods (CT) 15 25
Mohegan (CT) 10-50 10-50 2 were 10, 2 $15, 1 $25, 1 $50. Plus a high rollers table
Harrington (DE) 10 15-25 Must wear mask and face shield
Blue Chip (Michigan City, IN) 5 10 5 minimum prop bets, 5 min ATS bet.
L’auberge (Lake Charles,LA) 25/50 25/50 2 $25 min and 2 $50 min tables. 1 bubble craps $5 min
Harrahs (Shreveport, LA) 15 25
Margaritaville (Shreveport, LA) 25 25
Ocean Downs (MD) 10 15
Maryland Live (MD) 25 50 Yes 5 tables, 4 per side. Electronic craps 15 min
MGM @ National Harbor 50-100 Yes 4 craps tables 2 were $50 and 2 were $100 mins. Not bubble craps or low roller options.
Firekeepers (Battle Creek, MI) 10 15+ No dividers, only distancing 1-2 tables depending on demand, did see it at $15 during the day $25 on Fri/Sat night. Masks required, no smoking. $3 Bubble Craps.
River City (St. Louis, MS) 20 20 Unknown 4 players per side. $20 min. You have to have at least a $20 bet for every throw to "hold your spot"
Beau Rivage (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 unknown 3 tables
Boomtown (Biloxi, MS) 10 10 Unknown 1 table
IP (Biloxi, MS) 25 25
Scarlett Pearl (Biloxi, MS) 25 25
The Palace Biloxi, MS) 10 15
Treasure Bay (Biloxi, MS) 10 10
Hard Rock (AC, NJ 25 25 Yes 2 tables
Resorts (AC, NJ) 15 25 Yes 1 table
Ocean (AC, NJ) 15 25 Yes 4-6 tables
Hollywood (Columbus, OH) 10-15 Unknown Unknown 2 tables, masks required
Hollywood (Grantville, PA) 15 25 Unknown 2 tables, masks required
Meadows (PA) 10 10 2-3 tables.
Sycuan (San Diego, CA) 10 10 Masks required
Barona (So Cal) 5 5 3 tables, dealers managing bets for players.
Harrahs (So Cal) 15-25 15-25 Bubble craps $5 min, Interblock bubble $3 min, 1 electronic table $5 min
Viejas (So Cal) N/A 15 1 table
Southland Casino Racing (West Memphis, TN) N/A N/A Yes 4 tables all closed. Other pit games open with plexiglas dividers. Bubble craps $5 minimum.
Last update 7/9
There is a similar post for all games on the Vegas Message Forum
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there's like a 3-4 second lag spike between quick saves

when I quicksave it stops me in my tracks and any sound that plays will repeat. it could be my mods but I'm not sure. my load order:
jip ln nvse
ttw train station via inventory
ttw new vegas speech checks
ttw reputations
ttw the lone courier's dialogue
the strip open
the mcm menu
tamers nif bashed weapons
fallout 4 power armor feature
no rep loss for the lonesome road
Nevada skies
just mods assorted
scorched sierra power helmet
johnny guitar nvse
b42 melee bash
weapon retexture project
new vegas enhanced camera
convenient fast travel markers
the living desert
ambient temperature
powered power armor
the weapon mod menu
casino unbanner
better casino
.357 lever action carbine
Press b to bruh (don't ask)
leather backpack
jsawyer ultimate edition
I also have TTW, nvse, weapon mesh improvement, 4gb patch
submitted by bigtrashcan69 to falloutnewvegas [link] [comments]

theres a 2-3 second lag spike when I quick save

when I quicksave it stops me in my tracks and any sound that plays will repeat. it could be my mods but I'm not sure. my load order:
jip ln nvse
ttw train station via inventory
ttw new vegas speech checks
ttw reputations
ttw the lone courier's dialogue
the strip open
the mcm menu
tamers nif bashed weapons
fallout 4 power armor feature
no rep loss for the lonesome road
Nevada skies
just mods assorted
scorched sierra power helmet
johnny guitar nvse
b42 melee bash
weapon retexture project
new vegas enhanced camera
convenient fast travel markers
the living desert
ambient temperature
powered power armor
the weapon mod menu
casino unbanner
better casino
.357 lever action carbine
Press b to bruh (don't ask)
leather backpack
jsawyer ultimate edition
I also have TTW, nvse, weapon mesh improvement, 4gb patch
submitted by bigtrashcan69 to fnv [link] [comments]

[HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
McDonald's Crew Team Member Banning
McDonald's Crew Team Member Twentynine Palms
McDonald's Crew Team Member Yucca Valley
The Home Depot Cashier Travis Air Force Base
Acuity Healthcare Physician / Family Practice / Outpatient Bieber
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa AS/400 System Administrator Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Host - Cielo (Part-Time) Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Casino Housekeeper - Casino Morongo (Part-Time) Cabazon
ABC Supply co. CDL Delivery Truck Driver Castroville
TeamHealth Physician Indio
BlueCrew Assember Jurupa Valley
Air Methods Flight Paramedic Merced
Family First Life Outside Sales Santa Clara
Family First Life Insurance Agent Santa Clara
ABC Supply co. CDL Delivery Truck Driver Sonora
Agemark Senior Living Caregiver All Shifts Tracy
Agemark Senior Living Senior Living Sales Consultant Tracy
Belmont Village Chef Manager Cardiff-By-The-Sea
Belmont Village Line Cook Cardiff-By-The-Sea
Belmont Village Caregiver Cardiff-By-The-Sea
The Home Depot Customer Service/Sales Felton
The Home Depot Cashier Martinez
Michelle Loew looking for a nanny from 8-2 in Corona Del Mar Corona Del Mar
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A - Great Home Time Adelanto
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A - Great Home Time Aliso Viejo
YRC Freight CDL A Truck Driver Altadena
Dignity Health - Sierra Nevada Memorial ICU RN - Bonus eligible up to $2500! Grass Valley
Montage Health Registered Nurse - Med Surg/Oncology Monterey
Dyson Store Manager, Valley Fair Morgan Hill
Dyson Store Manager, Valley Fair Santa Clara
Workday Principal Product Manager, Analytics Platform - Security & Data Acquisition San Mateo
Workday Software Development Engineer - Distributed Database Engine San Mateo
Cardinal Logistics Cdl A Driver Belvedere Tiburon
Cardinal Logistics Cdl A Driver El Cerrito
Ultimate Choice Staffing Director of Reimbursement Fresno
Cardinal Logistics Cdl A Driver Moraga
HomeWell of North Bay Home Care Aide Terra Linda
Cross Country Nurses RN / Intensive Care Unit Walnut Creek
Kimball Midwest Outside Sales Representative Bakersfield
Rtx Senior Information System Security Officer II, Cyber Compliance Calaveras County
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Wall Street Breakfast: The Week Ahead. I read this and thought it interesting. Enjoy from SeekingAlpha

Nike (NYSE:NKE) will headline a light roster of earnings reports in the week ahead, while Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) WWDC event sets the stage for the company's launch of the first 5G iPhones later this year. On the economic front, reports on existing home sales, jobless claims, consumer spending and a Q1 GDP revision will be the headliners. Fed heads are out in force next week, with virtual speeches on the docket for Raphael Bostic, James Bullard and Charles Evans. In a sign of normalcy, Ford (NYSE:F) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NYSE:FCAU) are expected to return to pre-pandemic production levels at U.S. plants, while results of Fed stress tests on major banks will be announced on June 25.
Earnings spotlight: IHS Market (NYSE:INFO) on June 23; BlackBerry (NYSE:BB), KB Home (NYSE:KBH) and National Beverage (NASDAQ:FIZZ) on June 24; Nike (NKE), Darden Restaurants (NYSE:DRI), Accenture (NYSE:ACN) and Rite Aid (NYSE:RAD) on June 25.
IPO watch: U.S. grocery store operator Albertsons (ACI) is expected to price its IPO next week and begin to trade. The company could have a valuation of over $10B if the IPO prices at the midpoint of the expected range of $18 to $20 range. Albertsons, which is looking to raise as much as $2B, is one of the grocery chains seeing a sales boom in business during the coronavirus pandemic. Stakeholders Kimco Realty (NYSE:KIM) and Cerberus Capital are both selling off shares in the offering. No other IPOs are due to price during the week.
M&A tidbits: The walk date for the Caesars Entertainment (NASDAQ:CZR)-Eldorado Resorts (NASDAQ:ERI) merger arrives on June 24, although no surprises are anticipated. Shareholders vote on the Provident Financial (NYSE:PFS)-SB One Bancorp (NASDAQ:SBBX) deal on June 25. On the same date, Delphi Technologies (NYSE:DLPH) shareholders vote on the merger with BorgWarner (NYSE:BWA). It is almost a lock that there will be some more drama in the Taubman Centers (NYSE:TCO)-Simon Property (NYSE:SPG) duel.
Projected dividend changes (quarterly): Kroger (NYSE:KR) to $0.17 from $0.16, John Wiley (NYSE:JW.A) to $0.35 from $0.34, Saul Centers (NYSE:BFS) to $0.27 from $0.53.
Spotlight on Nike: Nike will post its FQ4 report with more uncertainty in the air than almost any time before due to the lack of formal guidance from the company. The two biggest pullouts from the report are likely to be the pace of recovery in China and the momentum of the e-commerce business. Nike is one of the companies seen by Wall Street as in a strong position on the other side of the pandemic. "We see Nike as favorably positioned for both secular fitness/casualization trends and industry structural changes that benefit those with strong direct engagement with consumers," notes bullish-leaning Wells Fargo ahead of the print. Stocks that quite often move right along with Nike on earnings day include Foot Locker (NYSE:FL), adidas (OTCQX:ADDYY), Under Armour (NYSE:UAA) and Dick's Sporting Goods (NYSE:DKS).
WWDC: Apple will hold its annual developers conference on June 22-26 in a virtual format this year. Apple is expected to announce its ARM-based Macs as the company advances its control of chips and architecture away from Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). Enhancements with iOS14, tvOS 14 and watchOS 7 are also anticipated, along with new products/R&D initiatives on the AR headset and wearables/AirPods front. Tim Cook will give the keynote presentation on June 22 at 10:00 Pacific time in what is likely to be his last presentation before the annual September iPhone reveal event.
Healthcare watch: Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) has an investor series presentation next week covering its early pipeline/immuno-oncology on June 22 and hematology on June 25. PDUFA dates arrive for Karyopharm Therapeutics' (NASDAQ:KPTI) Xpovio on June 23, Zogenix's (NASDAQ:ZGNX) Fintepla on June 25 and Heron Therapeutics' (NASDAQ:HRTX) HTX-011 on June 26. The big event of the week in the sector is the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Annual Meeting II running from June 22-24. A large number of potentially market-moving posters and abstracts are due to be released, as well as special sessions on COVID-19 and cancer research. Some of the notable companies due to present include Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD), AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN), Phio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PHIO), Exicure (NASDAQ:OTC:XCUR), Xencor (NASDAQ:XNCR), ESSA Pharma (NASDAQ:EPIX), ImmunoGen (NASDAQ:IMGN), Molecular Templates (NASDAQ:MTEM), Guardant Health (NASDAQ:GH), CRISPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRSP), Jounce Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JNCE), GlycoMimetics (NASDAQ:GLYC), Seattle Genetics (NASDAQ:SGEN), Provectus Therapeutics (OTC:PVCT), ORIC Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ORIC), Sanofi (NASDAQ:SNY), aTyr Pharma (NASDAQ:LIFE), TG Therapeutics (NASDAQ:TGTX) and Neoleukin Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NLTX).
Bank tests: The Federal Reserve will release results of the annual bank stress tests on June 25. Fed Vice Chair Randal Quarles noted that the test this year includes running banks up against three possible economic trajectories of varying severity to see how they perform due to the unprecedented uncertainty about the pandemic. The test will see how banks perform against a rapid V-shaped recovery, a slower U-shaped recovery and a rough W-shaped recovery. The test results could factor in to dividend decisions down the road for Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Citigroup (NYSE:C), Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM), while Capital One (NYSE:COF) and Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) are seen being pushed under the scenarios. Traders are making plays based on the results, with a notable amount of bullish options bets being placed on Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC). Some other bank names to watch when the results roll out are PNC Financial (NYSE:PNC), Truist (NYSE:TFC), Regions Financial (NYSE:RF), Ally Financial (NYSE:ALLY), HSBC North America (NYSE:HSBC), UBS (NYSE:UBS), Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS), Barclays (NYSE:BCS), Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE:BK) and Huntington Bancshares (NASDAQ:HBAN).
Analyst meetings and business updates: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) will host a fireside chat for the investor community with members of its management team on June 22. The impact of some of the games introduced at EA Play Live 2020 will be discussed. Hewlett Packard Enterprises (NYSE:HPE) is launching the first-ever HPE Discover Virtual Experience on June 23 to showcase the company's pivot to an edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service company. In the transportation sector, Kansas City Southern (NYSE:KSU) is participating in a Q&A webcast with Cowen on June 23. Also on June 23, Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) has an investor call with Morgan Stanley scheduled. Meanwhile, Sanofi is holding a virtual R&D day event on June 23. Bristol-Myers Squibb has an investor event covering immunology and cardiovascular on June 26.
Conferences rundown: The timing looks spot on for the Jefferies Virtual Consumer Conference on June 23-24 with the pandemic shifting shopping habits in the U.S. Companies due to present include Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS), Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT), Nu Skin (NYSE:NUS), Freshpet (NYSE:FPT), Murphy USA (NYSE:MUSA), Sysco (NYSE:SYY), Hostess Brands (NASDAQ:TWNK), Shack Shack (NYSE:SHAK) and Jack in the Box (NASDAQ:JACK). In the healthcare sector, the BMO 2020 Prescriptions for Success Healthcare Conference features virtual presentations by Humana (NYSE:HUM), Halozyme (NASDAQ:HALO), Horizon Therapeutics (NASDAQ:HZNP), Apellis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:APLS), Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) and Replimune (NASDAQ:REPL) on June 23. Other conferences of note include the SVB Leerink CybeRx Series CNS Forum, BMO Chemicals & Packaging Conference, Wells Fargo Bricks to Clicks Digital Conference, Goldman Sachs Leveraged Finance Conference and the Morgan Stanley Zero Trust Architectures Virtual Thematic Conference. On the smaller side of the conference schedule, the mining and metals sectors will be in focus, with John Tumazos Very Independent Research virtual meetings set for June 23-24 on Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE:WPM), Western Copper and Gold (NYSEMKT:WRN), KORE Mining (OTCQB:KOREF), Amarillo Gold (OTCQB:AGCBF), Sierra Metals (NYSEMKT:SMTS), Foran Mining (OTC:FMCXF), Wolfden Resources (OTC:WLFFF), Trilogy Metals (NYSEMKT:TMQ) and Adventus Mining (OTCQX:ADVZF).
Ford F-150: Ford has a digital reveal event for the all-new F-150 set for June 25. The Ford team is expected to describe innovative features of the all-new F-150, including the new electrical architecture, a flat-lying passenger sleeper seat and over-the-air updates to key modules controlling vehicle performance and user experiences. The new truck is seen as a critical part of Ford's plan to slash $5B in warranty costs and push the automaker's vehicle connectivity platform. As a profit generator, the F-150 launch later this year will also help restore the company's balance sheet. The all-new Ford F-150 will be discussed by execs in detail during a June 26 conference call with Citi Research.
Deurbanization trade: Expect more talk from analysts next week about which sectors and stocks could benefit if the mega-trend of people and businesses moving out of downtowns of major cities becomes a reality. Jefferies got the ball rolling last week by singling out Home Depot (NYSE:HD), Lowe's (NYSE:LOW), Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), Floor & Decor (NYSE:FND), At Home (NYSE:HOME), Williams-Sonoma (NYSE:WSM) and Wayfair (NYSE:W) as retailers that could gain from an uptick in suburban living and more spending on houses than metropolitan apartments. One of the bigger pure plays is Tractor Supply (NASDAQ:TSCO), which has racked up a 64% gain over the last 90 days.
RVs: Keep an eye on the RV sector with May shipment numbers due out from the RV Industry Association. Demand is expected to be on the rebound after RV shipments fell 82% in April. Looking ahead, there is a difference in opinion on Wall Street on the outlook for Winnebago (NYSE:WGO), Thor Industries (NYSE:THO), Patrick Industries (NASDAQ:PATK), LCI Industries (NYSE:LCII) and Camping World Holdings (NYSE:CWH). Some firms like SunTrust Robinson Humphrey expect a RV boom as consumers gravitate toward safer vacations, while Bank of America has warned that the high rate of unemployment and salary cuts could keep discretionary spending in check.
Sports betting: Time is running out for the California Assembly to pass legislation on sports betting to move the issue to the November ballot. The bill has to pass through the legislature before June 25 to become an election issue. Why is it a big deal? California is forecast to have the potential for a +$30B sports betting market through sports books placed at tribal casinos, horse racing tracks and satellite wagering facilities. "California could easily become one of the most productive sports-betting markets in the world," observes gaming analyst Chris Grove. Tax revenue from sports betting would also help the Golden State with its budget issues amid the pandemic and economic downturn. Stocks of interest in relations to how sports betting in California plays out include DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG), William Hill (OTCPK:WIMHF), MGM Resorts (NYSE:MGM), Caesars Entertainment, Fanduel (DUEL), Red Rock Resorts (NASDAQ:RRR), Boyd Gaming (NYSE:BYD) and Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN).
Casinos: The Nevada Gaming Commission is meeting on June 25 to likely approve amendments to state regulations that would streamline the process for moving to modern payment methods. The casino industry in general wants to quickly adopt cashless payment transactions on the casino floor due to the risk of handling cash during the coronavirus outbreak. The casino reset could have implications for Visa (NYSE:V), Mastercard (NYSE:MA) and American Express (NYSE:AXP), as well as financial apps from Apple (AAPL), Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) and PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL). Casino operators like MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment and Penn National Gaming (NASDAQ:PENN) would also welcome the change.
What's not playing: Warner Bros.'s (NYSE:T) feature animated film Scoob! will stream on HBO Max on June 26 after running in a premium video on-demand window. The children's picture was first scheduled for theaters on May 15 before opting for a 48-hour rental PVOD period price of U.S. $19.99. While Scoob! didn't make quite the splash that Trolls World Tour did in the spring when it nabbed $100M in digital sales over three weeks, it's another incremental step away from the traditional studio release format for major studios like Sony (NYSE:SNE), Universal Pictures (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Disney (NYSE:DIS). As for theater chains, auditoriums are likely to operate at 25% to 50% capacity as AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC), Cinemark (NYSE:CNK), IMAX (NASDAQ:IMAC), Marcus Entertainment (NYSE:MCS) and Reading International (NASDAQ:RDI) open back up this summer.
Notable annual meetings: Companies with virtual annual meetings set next week include Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings (NASDAQ:OLLI) on June 22, Dave & Buster's Entertainment (NASDAQ:PLAY) on June 23, Keurig Dr Pepper (NYSE:KDP) on June 24, At Home Group and Tailored Brands (NYSE:TLRD) on June 25.
Barron's mentions: The publication digs out four industrial companies whose stocks are called compelling. Midsize manufacturers RBC Bearings (NASDAQ:ROLL) and Wabtec (NYSE:WAB) join large-caps Emerson Electric (NYSE:EMR) and Ametek (NYSE:AME) on the short list of economy recovery picks. Of the four, Wabtec trades with the lowest forward PE ratio at 14.2. Brunswick (NYSE:BC) is also singled out this week as an advantageous product-mix shift and rising boat demand are seen helping to drive shares higher. Most of Brunswick's profit is derived from the high-margin Mercury engine business. The rally in tech names hasn't encapsulated the entire sector. Attractive names still trading at less than 4X sales include Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC), CACI International (NYSE:CACI), Leidos Holdings (NYSE:LDOS), Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX), Amdocs (NASDAQ:DOX), Ciena (NYSE:CIEN), Accenture, MKS Instruments (NASDAQ:MKSI), Intel and F5 Networks (NASDAQ:FFIV). The cover story this week hits on the rising inequality issue in the U.S., noting that it can be a breeding ground for all kinds of concerning things for the market like secular stagnation.
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New Vegas Sequel Ideas(Random notes)

The goal is to make a new Vegas sequel
-Player has choice of how the main ending was done at start of game(perhaps default mr house won could be best tho)
-Tension between a free/house new Vegas force ncr to focus all efforts in annexing the strip and taking full power from the dam (Lucky 38 has power source so no need for dam when the platinum chip arrived it gave enough power for new Vegas to no longer need the dam)
-Start of game. Noise of fence climbing etc. Then open in Back area of the Sierra madre you are playing a nobody at this point. Just a prologue anyway. It’s based of the part of the mod for new Vegas (Fallout dust)
So etc etc you find the father and blah blah basically you free him he helps you and your two buds or tribals either way you/he weaponisation of the gas then it kills you all and spreads throughout the wastes. This will be the main on globing threat to deal with. (Then a 5-10years later cut)
New Vegas is either independent or Mr house is still ruler and it is thriving(for now) Though tensions are rising as NCR has become a even more corrupt state beating the legion it is on course to annex new Vegas. Allow it faces threats from everywhere.
Main ideas for main story parts. ———— The house always wins
Work for Mr house and ensure Vegas stays free as well as expanding the control from the strip to the damm and all the Mojave. Also having a a few optional quests that could make it easier and change main endings as usual. Such as installing a puppet for Mr House or Destroy it from the inside however also destroying your reputation with NCR and it’s allies with it. (TBA)
Two Headed Bear
The main story for picking NCR is choosing who ends up leader and what type of actions the player makes changes what the possible leader will do or if the player wants to coup the NCR (NEVADA REGION) or perhaps make it a complete different leader perhaps a people’s leader who everyone thinks would be best but would perhaps do the worst etc etc.
It’s main objective is to still however annex the strip and secure as much area as possible without overextending and perhaps imploding.
Down with them all
Basically a fully player dictator or player republic with possible companions as members of it(TBC/TBA)
The main pull of this option would be there be many options for the player to take and would offer the most options however not necessarily the best.
(No matter what the ending has to be bittersweet the ending no matter what has to have something so that so matter which side the player chooses it will never be perfect. Example being.
The NCR take the strip but at what cost and what if you never deal with the cloud. Eventually since everyone is so focused on power and politics and money and greed they forgot about the most unstoppable force coming to them.
———— The game and it’s size.
The game size is going to have to be quite large. The largest perhaps fallout game it needs a whole addon the make the strip feel like the strip and it’s development over the years of either a Mr House look(if the player choose that choice) or a independent free Vegas look(choice again)
The strip need to be huge,expensive,Neon lights,A jewel that can be seen from every part of the wastes with open space to see it. It need to glow bright(large aura of light) It needs to have casinos that have a large amount of quests and a ban that only lasts 1-3 weeks in game time. Being spilt into tiers with betting casinos.
There should be 5-6 casinos to bet in with their own tiers.(1 being best and biggest bets and payout to 4 being the lowest)
The lucky 38-Tier 1 The tops-Tier 2 The Ultra lux-Tier2/3 The Gomorrah-Tier3 Vault 21-Tier 4
Obviously a lot of work and thinking needs to be done to put on paper how I see all of this working out in my head.
So just gonna focus on the strip and build out from their. The strip being the centre of the game world.
THE STRIP (THE JEWEL,THE CENTRE) Yes things are going to look different
The strip needs to be fully open no loading screens and it needs to be big I mean full street big and a full remodel. The lucky 38 being made in the middle for a start like it’s cover in the old game.
With the walls being made much higher with towers and Soldiers keeping guard.
The casinos moved about and time passed based on leader the state of the strip.
(Example being if house is leader then casinos are looking good and on the surface so does most of the strip. However if it is a free new Vegas the casinos are suffering the Gomorrahs are the worst of it and the strip caters more to the people than the families.)
The quests on the strip needs to be worthwhile too. Every family and Mr house or Free New Vegas it needs to be all worthwhile and exciting. Such as like a spy mission for gammorah to see what is happening inside the family and a bank heist for the tops depending on certain things too.
Another big thing is things that happen need to feel like they have a lasting effect.
Example being. If you do a bank heist the tops will have less money and be shit down for one in game month and will be lowered to a tier 3 casino. However if you help Mr house and stop the heist instead of helping it and taking the money for yourself the tops give you a penthouse suite with a weekly free chips amount that slowly increases from 500-1500 a week.
It needs thing that make the player thing will this help me in the long run or a quick thing is what I need and who do I want to side with if I pick this and what are the benefits for going solo or against everyone they need more choice and choices that feel like they matter.
Also a big change the ending go the game will continue after the end. With HUGE effects depending on the ending.
Example - NCR Victory means Vegas is in ruins and no longer will the player be able to play at them unless they have done missions with each family and switched their sides with the ncr in this example. So the tops switched to NCR but the ultra lux didn’t therefore the ultra lux casino is in ruins. Making the player be very careful when the do the ending and hopefully encouraging them to do as much as possible to get a satisfying ending as much as possible.
The dlcs will be much like old New Vegas. However the ending of some of them should effect the main story of vanilla new Vegas and one of them affecting the whole game world even if the ending of the game is complete.
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Superchargers at casinos in Nevada open or closed?

I'm specifically wanting to know if the supercharger at the Eldorado Resort Casino Reno at 375 N Sierra St in Reno, NV is open. Going to be passing thru there tmw. I know that casinos have suspended operations in Nevada, but does that mean the superchargers on site are not accessible? Please advise if anyone knows. Thanks!
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Collecting California brewery bottle caps...where can I find more?

I am trying to collect bottle caps from as many CA-based based breweries as possible...I think I've bought all the individual ones currently available on eBay. Looking for recommendations on where I might be able to find more, whether for individual sale or in bulk. I even have a list of the breweries I'm still missing. I lived in CA for several years where my collection began. I'm trying to get bottle caps from 61 different breweries to fill a wooden map of CA. Currently I have 25.
I've posted in CaliforniaBeer as well, just looking for whatever recommendations are out there.

Edit: Breweries I am currently looking for listed below

• 21st Amendment Brewery in San Leandro • Ale Industries in Oakland • Altamont Beer Works in Livermore • Buffalo Bill's Brewery in Hayward • Cleophus Quealy Beer Company in San Leandro • Diving Dog Brewhouse in Oakland • Drake's Brewing Company in San Leandro • Eight Bridges Brewing Company in Livermore • Faction Brewing in Alameda • Fieldwork Brewing Company in Berkeley • Hoi Polloi Brewpub and Beat Lounge in Berkeley • JP DasBrew in Fremont • Oakland United Beerworks (formerly Linden Street Brewery) in Oakland • Old Kan Beer & Co. in Oakland • The Rare Barrel in Berkeley • Shadow Puppet Brewing Company in Livermore • Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse in Berkeley • Trumer Brauerei in Berkeley • Woods Bar & Brewery in Oakland • Working Man Brewing Company in Livermore 
Amador County
• Amador Brewing Company in Plymouth • Butte County • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company headquarters in Chico • Eckert Malting and Brewing in Chico • Feather Falls Casino Brewing Company in Oroville • Feather River Brewing Company in Magalia • NorCal Brewing in Chico • Secret Trail Brewing in Chico 
Contra Costa County
• Calicraft in Walnut Creek • Danville Brewing Company in Danville • E.J. Phair Brewing Company in Pittsburg • Farm Creek Brewing Company in Walnut Creek • Elevation 66 Brewing Company in El Cerrito • Schubros Brewery in San Ramon • Epidemic Ales in Concord • Ocean View Brew Works in Albany 
El Dorado County
• The Brewery at Lake Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe • Cold Water Brewery and Grill in South Lake Tahoe • Cool Beerwerks in Cool • El Dorado Brewing Company in Diamond Springs • Gold Hill Winery and Brewery in Placerville • HWY 50 Brewery in Camino • Jack Russell Farm Brewery in Camino • Lake Tahoe AleWorX in South Lake Tahoe • Mraz Brewing Company in El Dorado Hills • Outbreak Brewing Company in Placerville • Outpost Brewing Company in South Lake Tahoe • Placerville Brewing Company in Placerville • Sidellis Lake Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe • Solid Ground Brewing in Diamond Springs • South Lake Brewing Company in South Lake Tahoe • Stash Brewing Co. in Garden Valley • Stateline Brewery and Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe 
Fresno County
• The Mad Duck Craft Brewery in Fresno • Fresno Brewing Company in Fresno • Full Circle Brewing in Fresno • Pine & Palm Brewing in Fresno • Tactical OPS Brewing in Fresno • Tioga–Sequoia Brewing Company in Fresno 
Humboldt County
• Eel River Brewing Company in Fortuna • Redwood Curtain Brewing Company in Arcata • Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville 
Inyo County
• Mountain Rambler Brewery in Bishop 
Kern County
• Crusader Brewing in Bakersfield • Dionysus Brewing Company in Bakersfield • Great Change Brewing in Bakersfield • Kern River Brewing Company in Kernville • Lengthwise Brewing in Bakersfield • Local Craft Beer in Tehachapi • Temblor Brewing Company in Bakersfield 
Kings County
• Bird Street Brewing in Lemoore • Hop Forged Brewing Company in Hanford 
Lake County
Los Angeles County
Madera County
• South Gate Brewing Company in Oakhurst 
Marin County
• Adobe Creek Brewing in Novato • Indian Valley Brewing in Novato • Iron Springs Pub & Brewery in Fairfax • Marin Brewing in Larkspur • Moylan's Brewery in Novato • Pond Farm Brewing in San Rafael • The State Room in San Rafael 
Mariposa County
• Yosemite Ale Werks in Mariposa 
Merced County
• Bobcat Brewing Company in Merced 
Mono County
• Mammoth Brewing Company in Mammoth Lakes • June Lake Brewing in June Lake 
Monterey County
• Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey • Cannery Row Brewing Company in Monterey • English Ales in Marina • Peter B's Brew Pub in Monterey • Yeast of Eden in Carmel 
Napa County
• Calistoga Inn, Restaurant and Brewing in Calistoga • Downtown Joe's Brewery in Napa • Mad Fritz in St. Helena • Napa Smith Brewery in Napa • St. Clair Brown in Napa • Tannery Bend Beerworks in Napa • Trade Brewing in Napa 
Nevada County
• FiftyFifty Brewing Company in Truckee • Nevada Brewery in Nevada City • Ol' Republic Brewery in Nevada City • Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company in Truckee • Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company in Nevada City 
Orange County
• Anaheim Brewery in Anaheim • Barley Forge Brewing Company in Costa Mesa • Brewing Reserve of California in Costa Mesa • Bootlegger's Brewery in Fullerton and Costa Mes • Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim • Cismontane Brewing Company in Santa Ana • The Good Beer Company in Santa Ana • Green Cheek Beer Company in Orange • Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa • Laguna Beach Beer Company in Rancho Santa Margarita and Laguna Beach • Left d Brewing Company in San Clemente and Irvine • Network Brewery in Santa Ana • Noble Ale Works in Anaheim • Old Orange Brewing Company in Orange • Riip Beer Company in Huntington Beach • TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room in Tustin • Tustin Brewing Company in Tustin • Valiant Brewing Company in Orange 
Placer County
• Auburn Alehouse in Auburn • Boneshaker Public House and Community Brewery in Rocklin • Crooked Lane Brewing Company in Auburn • GoatHouse Brewing Company in Lincoln • Knee Deep Brewing Company in Auburn • Loomis Basin Brewing Company in Loomis • Moksa Brewing in Rocklin • Moonraker Brewing Company in Auburn • Out of Bounds Brewing Company in Rocklin • Slice Beer Company in Lincoln • The Monk's Cellar in Roseville 
Plumas County
• The Brewing Lair of the Sierra (formerly UnderCover Ale Works) • Waganupa Brewing in Chester • Quintopia Brewing Co in Quincy 
Riverside County
• Aftershock Brewing Company in Temecula • Area 51 Craft Brewery in Riverside • Babe's BBQ & Brewhouse in Rancho Mirage • Black Market Brewing Company in Temecula • Brew Rebellion in Banning • Brewcaipa Brewing in Yucaipa • Coachella Valley Brewing in Thousand Palms • Desert Beer Company in Palm Desert • Electric Brewing Company in Murrieta • Grey Wolf in Norco • Inland Empire Brewing Company in Riverside • Ironfire Brewing Company in Temecula • La Quinta Brewing in Palm Desert • Las Palmas Brewing in Palm Springs • Refuge Brewery in Temecula • Wiens Brewing Company in Temecula • Woody's Brewhouse in Moreno Valley 
Sacramento County
• Alaro Brewing in Sacramento • At Ease Brewing in Sacramento • Big Sexy Brewing in Sacramento • Big Stump Brew Co. in Sacramento • Burning Barrel Brewing in Rancho Cordova • Claimstake Brewing in Rancho Cordova • Delta Borne Brewing in Sacramento • Device Brewing Company in Sacramento • Dreaming Dog Brewery in Elk Grove • Flatland Brewing in Elk Grove • Fort Rock Brewing in Rancho Cordova • Fountainhead Brewing in Sacramento • Hoppy Brewing Co in Sacramento • King Cong Brewing Company in Sacramento • New Glory Craft Brewery in Sacramento • New Helvetia Brewing in Sacramento • Oak Park Brewing in Sacramento • Palm Tree Brewing Company in Orangevale • Porchlight Brewing in Sacramento • Red Bus Brewing in Folsom • River Rock Brewery in Galt • Sacrament Brewing in Sacramento • Tower Brewing in Sacramento • Track 7 Brewing Company in Sacramento • Tilted Mash Brewing in Elk Grove • Urban Roots Brewing in Sacramento 
San Bernardino County
• 3 Iron Brewing Co. in Colton • Brewcaipa in Yucaipa • Desert Barn Brewery in Hesperia • Escape Craft Brewery in Redlands • Hangar 24 Craft Brewery in Redlands • I & I Brewing in Chino • Kings Brewing in Rancho Cucamonga • Oak Hills Brewing Company in Hesperia • Ritual Brewing Co. in Redlands • Rowdy's Brew Co. in Rancho Cucamonga • Sour Cellars in Rancho Cucamonga 
San Francisco City and County
• 21st Amendment Brewery • Barrel Head Brewhouse • Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant • Black Sands Brewery • Black Hammer Brewing • Cellarmaker Brewing Company • Cervezería de MateVeza • Eagle Brewery • Enterprise Brewery • Fort Point Beer Company • Golden City Brewery • Hamm's Brewer • Harmonic Brewing • Hibernia Brewery • Laughing Monk Brewing • Lafayette Brewery • Local Brewing Company • Magnolia Brewing Company • Schuster's Railroad Brewery • Seven Stills • Southern Pacific Brewing • Speakeasy Ales and Lagers • Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company • Thirsty Bear Brewing Company • Triple Voodoo Brewing • Washington Brewery • Willow's Brewery 
San Joaquin County
• Dancing Fox Winery and Brewery in Lodi • Five Window Beer Company in Lodi • High Water Brewing Company in Lodi • Idol Beer Works in Lodi • Lodi Beer Company in Lodi • Morgan Territory Brewing in Tracy 
San Luis Obispo County
• 927 Beer Company in Cambria • BarrelHouse Brewing Co. in Paso Robles • Libertine Brewing Company in San Luis Obispo • Tap It Brewing Company in San Luis Obispo 
San Mateo County
• 47 Hills Brewing in South San Francisco • Alpha Acid Brewing Company in Belmont • Armstrong Brewing Company in South San Francisco • Blue Oak Brewing Company in San Carlos • Devil's Canyon Brewing Company in Belmont • Freewheel Brewing Company in Redwood City • Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in Princeton-by-the-Sea • Highway 1 Brewing in Pescadero • Hop Dogma Brewing in El Granada • Sacrilege Brewery + Kitchen in Half Moon Bay 
Santa Barbara County
• Captain Fatty's Brewery in Goleta • Island Brewing Company in Carpinteria • M. Special Brewing Company in Goleta • Pure Order Brewing Company in Santa Barbara • Solvang Brewing Company in Solvang • Telegraph Brewing Company in Santa Barbara 
Santa Clara County
• Clandestine Brewing in San Jose • El Toro Brewing Company in Morgan Hill • Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in San Jose • Hermitage Brewing Company in San Jose • Kelly Brewing in Morgan Hill 
Santa Cruz County
• Discretion Brewing in Soquel • Humble Sea Brewing Company in Santa Cruz • New Bohemia Brewing Company in Capitola • Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing in Santa Cruz • Sante Adairius Rustic Ales in Capitola • Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz • Steel Bonnet Brewing Company in Scotts Valley • Uncommon Brewers in Santa Cruz 
Shasta County
• Fall River Brewing Co. in Fall River Mills • Wildcard Brewing in Redding • Final Draft Brewing in Redding • Woody's Brewing Co. in Redding 
Siskiyou County
• Dunsmuir Brewery Works in Dunsmuir • Etna Brewing Company in Etna • Mt. Shasta Brewing Company in Weed • Siskiyou Brew Works 
Solano Countu
• Heretic Brewing Company in Fairfield • Right Eye Brewery in Suisun • Mare Island Brewing Company in Vallejo 
Sonoma County
• Carneros Brewing Company in Sonoma • Fog Belt Brewing Company in Santa Rosa • Moonlight Brewing Company in Santa Rosa • Old Redwood Brewing Company in Windsor • Petaluma Hills Brewing Company in Petaluma • Seismic Brewing Company in Santa Rosa • Sonoma Springs Brewing Company in Sonoma • St. Florian's Brewery in Windsor • Stumptown Brewery in Guerneville • Third Street Aleworks in Santa Rosa 
Stanislaus County
• St. Stan's Brewery in Modesto • Blaker Brewing in Ceres 
Ventura County
• Anacapa Brewing in Ventura • Casa Agria Specialty Ales in Ventura • Enegren Brewing Co. in Moorpark • Flat Fish Brewing Company in Camarillo • Institution Ale Co. in Camarillo • Leashless Brewing Co. in Ventura • MadeWest Brewing in Ventura • Poseidon Brewing Company in Ventura • Red Tandem Brewery in Ventura • Surf Brewery in Ventura • Topa Topa Brewing Company in Ventura • Ventura Coast Brew Co. in Ventura • Westlake Brewing Co. in Westlake Village 
Yolo County
• Bike Dog Brewing Company in West Sacramento • Dunloe Brewing in Davis • Jackrabbit Brewing Company in West Sacramento • Super Owl Brewing in Davis • Three Mile Brewing Company in Davis • Yolo Brewing in West Sacramento 
San Diego County
• Burgeon Beer Company • Carlsbad Brewing Company • Pizza Port • Rouleur Brewing Company • Offbeat Brewing Co • Nickel Beer Company • Bagby Beer Company • Legacy Brewing Company • Breakwater Brewing Co • Oceanside Ale Works • ChuckAlek Independent Brewers • Abnormal Beer Company • Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment • Align Brewing • Amplified Aleworks • The Beer Company • Deft Brewing • Division 23 Brewing • Duck Foot Brewing Company • Eppig Brewing • Fall Brewing • Kilowatt Brewing • Little Miss Brewing • Longship Brewery • Mike Hess Brewing Co. • Mikkeller • Mission Brewery • Modern Times Beer • New English Brewing Co. • North Park Beer Company • O'Sullivan Brother's Brewing • Pacific Beach Alehouse • Pariah Brewing Company • Protector Brewing • Rip Current Brewing • Rough Draft Brewing Company • Saint Archer Brewing • San Diego Brewing Company • Savagewood • Societe Brewing Company • Thorn Street Brewery • Thunderhawk Alements • Lost Abbey • Port Brewing Company • Rip Current Brewing Company • Stumblefoot Brewing Company • Wild Barrel Brewing Company • Aztec Brewing Company • Barrel Harbor Brewing • Belching Beaver Brewery • Booze Brothers Brewing Company • Indian Joe Brewing Company • Latitude 33 Brewing • Mother Earth Brew Co. • Toolbox Brewing 
Culture Brewing Co
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I am Bob Arum, legendary boxing promoter and founder of Top Rank Boxing. Before our big Top Rank on ESPN card from Reno this Friday with Ray Beltran, Egidijus Kavaliauskas, and Shakur Stevenson, I'll be here to answer your questions on Friday, Feb 16th at 4pm ET/1pm PT/9pm BT. Ask me anything!

I am Bob Arum, founder of Top Rank, Inc and member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. In my 50+ years in the sport, I've promoted more than 9,000 fights, from Muhammad Ali, to George Foreman, to Sugar Ray Leonard, to Manny Pacquiao, and many more.
In our next big Top Rank on ESPN card, Ray Beltran will be fighting Paulus Moses for the WBO lightweight title, and on the undercard we have Egidijus Kavaliauskas vs. David Avanesyan and former Olympian Shakur Stevenson taking the next step in his career against Juan Tapia. These fights will come to you live on ESPN from the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT. Check out this link for tickets, and read here for more info on the card.
But before those fights kick off, I'll be joining /boxing for an AMA on Friday, February 16th at 4pm ET/1pm PT/9pm BT. Get your questions in now and I'll be back to answer them Friday.
MDA123 will be helping me with the questions/answers.
Ask me anything!
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You could possess all the world's gold and still feel empty.

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Keeping New Vegas Clean

I recently did a playthrough of Fallout New Vegas where I picked up and kept everything. EVERYTHING. I picked every area bone dry. I took all the perks related to carrying stuff. I only used melee weapons so as to not use any ammo. I didn't repair anything so nothing was used. My results are below. And here's a link to small gallery of my acquisitions:
Keeping New Vegas Clean
Weapons: .357 Magnum Revolver (34) .44 Magnum Revolver (19) .45 Auto Pistol (9) .45 Auto Submachine Gun (8) 10mm Pistol (67) 10mm Submachine Gun (63) 12.7mm Pistol (4) 12.7mm Submachine Gun (31) 9 Iron (2) 9mm Pistol (57) 9mm Submachine Gun (34) A Light Shining In Darkness (1) AER14 Prototype (1) Alien Blaster (1) All-American (1) Annabelle (1) Anti-Materiel Rifle (15) Arc Welder (8) Assault Carbine (16) Automatic Rifle (9) BB Gun (21) Bad Beat (1) Ballistic Fist (11) Baseball Bat (38) Bear Trap Fist (26) Big Mountain Transportalponder! (1) Binoculars (21) Blade of the West (12) Bladed Gauntlet (1) Bottlecap Mine (1) Bowie Knife (15) Boxing Tape (2) Brass Knuckles (13) Broad Machete (1) Broken Grenade Rifle (2) Broken Missile Launcher (1) Brush Gun (38) Bumper Sword (3) C-4 Plastic Explosive (44) CZ57 Avenger (1) Caravan Shotgun (37) Cattle Prod (9) Chainsaw (2) Chopper (1) Christine's COS Silencer Rifle (1) Cleaver (20) Codac R9000 (1) Col. Gillians sniper rifle (1) Combat Knife (54) Compliance Regulator (1) Corrosive Glove (2) Cosmic Knife (24) Cowboy Repeater (27) Detonator (2) Dinner Bell (1) Displacer Glove (3) Dr. Klein's Glove (1) Dr. Mobius' Glove (1) Drawing Dead (1) Dress Cane (2) Dynamite (198) Elijah's Advanced LAER (2) Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon (1) Euclid's C-Finder (1) Fat Man (4) Fire Axe (21) Fire Bomb (1) Flamer (11) Flare Gun (19) Flash Bang (59) Frag Grenade (231) Frag Mine (178) Gas Bomb (21) Gatling Laser (8) Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle (1) Golden Gloves (1) Great Bear Grenade Rifle (1) Grenade Launcher (6) Grenade Machinegun (2) Grenade Rifle (17) H&H Tools Nail Gun (10) Hatchet (2) Heavy Incinerator (7) Holorifle (1) Holy Frag Grenade (3) Hunting Revolver (17) Hunting Rifle (37) Hunting Shotgun (10) Incendiary Grenade (45) Incinerator (7) Industrial Hand (4) K9000 Cyberdog Gun (2) Knife (210) Knife Spear (62) Knock Knock (1) LAER (6) Laser Detonator (1) Laser Pistol (55) Laser RCW (19) Laser Rifle (29) Lead Pipe (55) Lever-Action Shotgun (8) Liberator (1) Light Machine Gun (8) Long Fuse Dynamite (37) Love and Hate (1) Lucky (1) Machete (128) Machete Gladius (4) Mantis Gauntlet (15) Maria (1) Marksman Carbine (18) Mercenary's Grenade Rifle (1) Mercy (1) Minigun (9) Missile Launcher (6) Multiplas Rifle (4) Mysterious Magnum (1) Nail Board (2) Nephi's Golf Driver (1) Oh, Baby! (1) Old Glory (2) Paladin Toaster (1) Pew Pew (1) Plasma Caster (4) Plasma Defender (13) Plasma Grenade (86) Plasma Mine (60) Plasma Pistol (17) Plasma Rifle (22) Police Baton (95) Police Pistol (21) Pool Cue (107) Powder Charge (17) Power Fist (30) Proton Axe (14) Proton Throwing Axe (55) Protonic Inversal Axe (4) Protonic Inversal Throwing Axe (10) Pulse Grenade (113) Pulse Gun (1) Pulse Mine (38) Pushy (1) Q-35 Matter Modulator (1) Ratslayer (1) Rebar Club (38) Recharger Pistol (7) Recharger Rifle (1) Recompense of the Fallen (1) Red Glare (3) Riot Shotgun (17) Ripper (9) Rolling Pin (4) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist (1) Satchel Charge (50) Saturnite Fist (9) Saturnite Fist Super-Heated (8) Sawed-Off Shotgun (22) Scientist Glove (7) Service Rifle (26) She's Embrace (1) Shishkebab (34) Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (7) Shovel (4) Silenced .22 Pistol (22) Silenced .22 SMG (1) Single Shotgun (45) Sledgehammer (16) Slow Roll (1) Sniper Rifle (15) Sonic Emitter (1) Spiked Knuckles (8) Sterilizer Glove (2) Straight Razor (10) Sturdy Caravan Shotgun (1) Super Sledge (24) Survivalist's Rifle (1) Switchblade (33) Tesla Cannon (3) Tesla-Beaton Prototype (1) That Gun (1) The Humble Cudgel (1) Thermic Lance (7) Throwing Knife Spear (200) Throwing Spear (192) Thump-Thump (1) Time Bomb (2) Tire Iron (73) Tomahawk (73) Trail Carbine (5) Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (9) Vance's 9mm Submachine Gun (1) Varmint Rifle (51) War Club (7) Weathered 10mm Pistol (1) X-2 Antenna (1)
Apparel: 1st Recon Beret (1) Advanced Radiation Suit (5) Advanced Riot Gear (1) Advanced Riot Gear Helmet (1) All-Purpose Science Suit (1) Armor of the 87th Tribe (1) Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit (1) Armored Vault 66 Jumpsuit (1) Assassin Suit (1) Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator (1) Authority Glasses (8) Ballcap with Glasses (2) Bandana (4) Benny's Suit (1) Beret (3) Biker Goggles (7) Boomer Flightsuit (2) Boomers Cap (1) Boomers Helmet (1) Bounty Hunter Duster (1) Brahmin-Skin Outfit (16) Breathing Mask (12) Bright Brotherhood Robe (19) Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor (1) Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor (8) Caesar's Armor (1) Caravaneer Outfit (4) Cattleman Cowboy Hat (11) Centurion Helmet (13) Chalk's Headdress (1) Christine's COS Recon Armor (1) Combat Armor (32) Combat Armor, Reinforced (5) Combat Armor, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Combat Helmet (19) Combat Helmet, Reinforced (3) Combat Helmet, Reinforced Mark 2 (2) Construction Hat (11) Courier Duster (1) Daniel's Hat (1) Daniel's Outfit (1) Dapper Gambler Hat (1) Dapper Gambler Suit (1) Dead Horses Stalker Armor (2) Dead Money Jumpsuit (1) Dean's Tuxedo (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Armor (1) Desert Ranger COmbat Helmet (1) Desperado Cowboy Hat (12) Destroyed Party Hat (10) Dirty Pre-War Businesswear (69) Dirty Pre-War Casualwear (35) Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (51) Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear (53) Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit (58) Dr. Klein's Glasses (1) Dr. Klein's Scrubs (1) Dr. Mobius' Glasses (1) Dr. Mobius Scrubs (1) Elite Riot Gear (1) Elite Riot Gear Helmet (1) Explorer Hood (8) Eyebot Helmet (1) Eyeglasses (54) Fancy Gambler Suit (2) Father Elijah's Robes (1) Field Hand Outfit (5) Fiend Battle Helmet (21) Fiend Helmet (19) Fiend Warrior Helmet (12) Fire Helmet (8) Formal Wear (1) Goggles Helmet (15) Great Khan Simple Armor (2) Great Khan Soldier Armor (1) Great Khan Spike Helmet (2) Great Khan Suit Armor (1) Grimy Pre-War Businesswear (60) Handyman Jumpsuit (1) Hazmat Darklight Cowl (1) Hazmat Suit (1) Head Wrap (3) Hockey Mask (20) Jailhouse Rocker (5) Joshua Graham's Armor (1) Kings Outfit (41) Leather Armor (22) Leather Armor, Reinforced (7) Legion Centurion Armor (12) Legion Explorer Armor (15) Legion Praetorian Armor (24) Legion Prime Armor (13) Legion Recruit Armor (54) Legion Veteran Armor (47) Legion Vexillarius Armor (22) Lightweight Leather Armor (1) Lightweight Metal Armor (1) Lobotomite Goggles (36) Lobotomite Jumpsuit (53) Lobotomite Mask (32) Lobotomite Mask and Goggles (25) Lucky Shades (1) MP Trooper Helmet (1) Mad Scientist Scrubs (2) Marked Beast Eyes Helmet (1) Marked Beast Face Helmet (1) Marked Beast Helmet (1) Marked Beast Tribal Helmet (1) Marked Patrol Armor (6) Marked Scout Armor (38) Marked Tribal Armor (8) Marked Trooper Armor (34) Memphis Kid Outfit (1) Merc Adventurer Outfit (4) Merc Charmer Outfit (10) Merc Cruiser Outfit (14) Merc Grunt Outfit (19) Merc Troublemaker Outfit (26) Merc Veteran Outfit (10) Metal Armor (13) Metal Armor, Reinforced (3) Metal Helmet (6) Metal Helmet, Reinforced (1) Motorcycle Helmet (6) NCR Bandoleer Armor (7) NCR Face Wrap Armor (4) NCR Mantle Armor (5) NCR Military Police Armor (1) NCR Ranger Combat Armor (3) NCR Ranger Patrol Armor (3) NCR Salvaged Power Armor (7) NCR Trooper Armor (22) NCR Trooper Fatigues (1) Old Cowboy Hat (2) Park Ranger Hat (3) Party Hat (4) Patient Gown (38) Police Hat (1) Powder Gang Guard Armor (20) Powder Gang Plain Outfit (35) Powder Gang Simple Outfit (12) Poweder Gang Soldier Outfit (8) Pre-War Baseball Cap (36) Pre-War Bonnet (41) Pre-War Casualwear (54) Pre-War Hat (90) Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit (41) Pre-War Relaxedwear (55) Pre-War Spring Outfit (43) Prime Decanus Helmet (7) Prime Helmet (5) Prospector Outfit (2) Radiation Suit (7) Raider Arclight Helmet (2) Raider Badlands Armor (14) Raider Blastmaster Armor (14) Raider Painspike Armor (11) Raider Sadist Armor (15) Ranger Grey Hat (3) Ranger Hat (3) Ranger Helmet (3) Rattan Cowboy Hat (6) Rawhide Cowboy Hat (10) Reading Glasses (26) Rebreather (1) Recon Armor (8) Recon Armor Helmet (4) Recruit Decanus Helmet (5) Recruit Helmet (24) Remnants Power Helmet (1) Riot Gear (3) Riot Gear Helmet (3) RobCo Jumpsuit (1) Roving Trader Hat (3) Roving Trader Outfit (2) Salt-Upon-Wounds' Helmet (1) Salvaged Power Helmet (7) Scientist Scrubs (6) Scorched Sierra Power Armor (1) Settler Outfit (5) Sexy Sleepwear (84) Sheriff's Duster (1) Sheriff's Hat (2) Sierra Madre Armor (8) Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced (4) Sierra Madre Helmet (10) Sierra Madre Helmet, Reinforced (3) Sin City Armor (1) Slave Rags (2) Slave Scarf (1) Sleepwear (1) Space Suit (1) Space Suit Helmet (1) Stealth Suit Mk II (1) Stormchaser Hat (6) Suave Gambler Hat (1) Sunglasses (32) T-45d Power Armor (7) T-45d Power Helmet (10) T-51b Power Armor (2) T-51b Power Helmet (3) Tinted Reading Glasses (13) Tribal Raiding Armor (1) Trooper Helmet (27) Tuxedo Hat (3) US Army Combat Armor (4) US Army General Outfit (1) Ulysses' Duster (2) Ulysses' Mask (2) Valence Radii-Accentuator (5) Vault 11 Jumpsuit (21) Vault 19 Jumpsuit (20) Vault 21 Jumpsuit (5) Vault 22 Jumpsuit (17) Vault 3 Jumpsuit (19) Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit (6) Vault 34 Jumpsuit (11) Vault 34 Security Armor (7) Vault 34 Security Helmet (7) Vault 66 Jumpsuit (2) Vault 66 Security Vest (1) Vera's Outfit (2) Veteran Decanus Outfit (18) Veteran Helmet (36) Vexillarius Helmet (22) Wasteland Doctor Fatigues (3) Wasteland Settler Outfit (27) Wasteland Surgeon Outfit (4) Wasteland Wanderer Outfit (15) Well-Heeled Gambler Hat (3) Well-Heeled Gambler Suit (2) White Glove Society Attire (2) White Glove Society Mask (2) White Legs Hide Armor (35) White Legs Outfit (38) Yangtze Camp Jumpsuit (6)
Aid: Absinthe (42) Ant Egg (10) Ant Meat (96) Ant Nectar (26) Ant queen pheromones (1) Antivenom (117) Atomic cocktail (96) Auto-inject stimpack (76) Auto-inject super stimpack (49) Banana yucca fruit (247) Barrel cactus fruit (204) Battle brew (7) Beer (528) Big book of science (5) Bighorner meat (100) Bitter drink (38) Black blood sausage (1) Black coffee (3) Blamco Mac & cheese (105) Bleak venom (6) Bloatfly meat (78) Blood pack (12) Blood sausage (467) Blood shield (2) Boxing times (18) Brahmin meat (13) Brahmin steak (83) Brahmin Wellington (1) Broc flower (174) Bubblegum (43) Buffalo gourd seed (150) Buffout (96) Caravan lunch (2) Cateye (39) Cave fungus (421) Cazador egg (15) Chinese army: spec. Ops. Training manual (6) Coyote meat (35) Coyote steak (4) Coyote tobacco chew (65) Cram (188) Crispy squirrelbits (50) Crunchy mutfruit (45) D.c. Journal of internal medicine (4) Dandy boy apples (89) Dark datura (26) Datura antivenom (24) Datura hide (6) Daturana (11) Dean's electronics (6) Desert salad (7) Dirty water (536) Dixon's jet (8) Dixon's whiskey (2) Doctor's bag (126) Dog meat (201) Dog steak (2) Duck and cover! (6) Fancy lads snacks (94) Fire ant egg (3) Fire ant meat (29) Fire ant nectar (7) Fixer (59) Fixin' things (47) Fresh apple (84) Fresh carrot (58) Fresh pear (30) Fresh potato (103) Future weapons today (17) Gecko kabob (5) Gecko meat (245) Gecko steak (56) Giant rat meat (56) Grilled mantis (52) Grognak the barbarian (4) Gum drops (26) Guns and bullets (7) Healing poultice (2) Healing powder (190) Honey mesquite pod (233) Human flesh (48) Hydra (57) Ice cold nuka-cola (6) Iguana bits (57) Iguana on a stick (81) Implant grx (10) Instamash (102) Irr. Banana yucca (7) Irr. Barrel cactus (10) Irr. Crunchy mutfruit (4) Irr. Dandy boy apples (3) Irr. Fancy lads (5) Irr. Gecko meat (4) Irr. Mac & cheese (4) Irr. Pork n' beans (5) Irr. Potato crisps (5) Irr. Salisbury steak (2) Irr. Sugar bombs (1) Irr. Sunset Sars. (9) Irr. Yumyum d. Eggs (2) Irradiated beer (14) Irradiated cram (3) Irradiated instamash (4) Irradiated mutfruit (3) Irradiated potato (30) Irradiated scotch (8) Irradiated water (24) Irradiated whiskey (5) Jake juice (1) JalapeÒo pepper (46) Jet (162) Junk food (113) Lad's life (38) Lakelurk egg (5) Lakelurk meat (13) Locksmith's reader (21) Lying, congressional style (5) Mre (12) Mre (94) Maize (464) Med-x (206) Meeting people (18) Mentats (217) Milsurp review (19) Mole rat meat (58) Mole rat wonder meat (1) Moonshine (7) Mutant cave fungus (38) Mutfruit (58) Ncr emergency radio (1) Nevada agave fruit (174) Nightstalker squeezin's (12) Nightstalker tail (37) Nikola tesla and you (5) Noodles (43) Nuka-cola (414) Nuka-cola quantum (8) Nuka-cola Quartz (29) Nuka-cola victory (15) Party time mentats (1) Patriot's cookbook (27) Pinto bean pod (182) Pinyon nuts (83) Pork n' beans (333) Potato crisps (80) Pre-war steak (5) Preserved meat (18) Prickly pear fruit (251) Programmer's digest (40) Psycho (139) Pugilism illustrated (6) Purified water (599) Rad-x (203) Radaway (245) Radroach meat (29) Rat meat (9) Rebound (106) Roughin' it! Bedroll kit (1) Ruby's casserole (3) Rum & nuka (1) Sacred datura root (105) Salesman weekly (22) Salient green (5) Salisbury steak (64) Scotch (297) Sierra madre martini (6) Snakebite tourniquet (2) Spore carrier sap (17) Spore plant pods (63) Squirrel stew (55) Squirrel on a stick (68) Steady (114) Stealth boy (55) Stimpack (652) Strange meat (5) Strange meat pie (7) Sugar bombs (104) Sunset sarsaparilla (896) Super stimpack (89) Sweetroll (12) Tales of a junktown jerky vendor (6) Thick red paste (3) Thin red paste (401) Today's physician (36) Trail mix (3) Tremble (2) True police stories (16) Tumblers today (5) Turbo (26) Taeles of chivalrie (23) Vodka (246) Wasteland omelet (6) Wasteland survival guide (5) Weapon binding ritual (7) Weapon repair kit (31) Whiskey (322) White horsenettle (92) Wine (388) Xander root (136) Yao guai meat (35) Yumyum deviled eggs (39) !la fantoma! (34)
Misc: "Flour" (2) $100 ncr (36) $20 ncr (144) $5 ncr (388) .44 revolver scope (1) 10 ball (37) 10 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 13 ball (43) 2 ball (38) 4 of spades - Sierra madre (1) 5 ball (36) 6 of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) 7 of clubs - Sierra madre (1) 7 of hearts - Sierra madre (1) 8 ball (40) 8 of spades - Sierra madre (1) Abraxo cleaner (365) Ace of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Ace of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Ace of spades - Sierra madre (1) Acoustic guitar (4) Action Abe action figure (3) Ashtray (704) Bark scorpion poison gland (59) Baseball (120) Baseball glove (66) Basketball (27) Bent tin can (1037) Big spoon (36) Bobby pin (476) Bonesaw (58) Brahmin skull (13) Broken detonator (1) Brotherhood of steel holotag (4) Butter knife (245) Camp guardian log page (9) Caravan deck (1) Carton of cigarettes (564) Case, .308 (182) Case, .357 magnum (340) Case, .44 magnum (160) Case, .45 auto (265) Case, .45-70 gov't (231) Case, .50 mg (78) Case, 10mm (706) Case, 12.7mm (284) Case, 5.56mm (688) Case, 5mm (119) Case, 9mm (610) Cazador poison gland (107) Cby. Rep. Custom action (1) Centaur blood (26) Ceramic dinner plate (65) Chessboard (122) Cigarette (335) Clipboard (312) Coffee mug (1485) Coffee pot (184) Complimentary voucher (2) Conductor (292) Container of chlorine (1) Counterfeit bottle cap (18) Coyote hide (17) Crutch (57) Cuddles' toy car (2) Cue ball (42) Cup (578) Cutting board (87) Deactivated bomb collar (11) Dean domino's blackmail tape (1) Deathclaw egg (18) Deathclaw hand (46) Dinner plate (282) Dino toy (37) Distinctive cigarette butt (7) Dog bowl (54) Dog hide (81) Doggie treat (2) Drained electron charge pack (1139) Drained flamer fuel tank (229) Drained microfusion cell (635) Drained small energy cell (489) Drinking glass (632) Earnings clipboard (215) Electric box fuse (3) Embalming fluid (4) Empty jet inhaler (6) Empty nuka-cola bottle (579) Empty soda bottle (355) Empty sunset sarsaparilla bottle (1973) Empty whiskey bottle (737) Engraved cigarette lighter (1) Entertainer pass (1) Evil gnome (1) Eyebot upgrade circuit board (5) Finance clipboard (215) Finger (1) Fire gecko egg (17) Fire gecko hide (67) Firehose nozzle (33) Fission battery (424) Flamer expanded tanks (1) Flour (109) Food additive (1) Fork (309) Gecko egg (5) Gecko hide (27) Glass pitcher (213) Gold bar (37) Golden gecko egg (9) Golden gecko hide (32) Golf ball (7) Gomorrah chip (50) Green gecko egg (3) Green gecko hide (4) Green plate (155) Halford's note (2) Hammer (237) Holotape (9) Hot plate (54) Howitzer firing mechanism (1) Hull, 12 gauge (242) Hull, 20 gauge (589) Infected Brahmin meat (6) Iron (101) Isotope-239 igniting agent (1) Jack of diamonds - Sierra madre (1) Jar of cloud residue (151) Karl's journal (1) Large burned book (365) Large destroyed book (324) Large ruined book (275) Large scorched book (333) Large whiskey bottle (189) Laser rifle focus optics (1) Lawn mower blade (5) Lead (611) Leaf blower (7) Legion aureus (22) Legion denarius (1285) Legion ear (37) Legion patrol notes (1) Legion raid plans (1) Legion slave ledger (1) Lincoln's voice (2) Lottery ticket (7) Lucky 8 ball (1) Lucky casino chip (101265) Maintenance pass (1) Mantis egg (26) Mantis foreleg (182) Mark of Caesar (1) Marked cards (1) Mayor stern's journal 2/2 (1) Medical clipboard (140) Metal cooking pan (141) Metal cooking pot (68) Metal spoon (200) Milk bottle (267) Motorcycle gas tank (7) Motorcycle handbrake (4) Mutilated arm (1) Mutated leg (14) Mutilated organs (12) Mutilated skull (11) Mutilated torso (13) Ncr computer parts (6) Ncr dogtag (32) Ncr radio parts (4) Nightstalker blood (58) Nightstalker egg (55) Ophthalmoscope (11) Pack of cigarettes (672) Paint gun (134) Paperweight (198) Pencil (487) Pilot light (201) Ping pong ball (2) Plasma rifle mag. Accelerator (1) Plunger (174) Pool ball (7) Pot (162) Powder, pistol (2058) Powder, rifle (842) Pre-war book (1116) Pre-war money (1719) Pressure cooker (77) Primer, .50 mg (72) Primer, large pistol (80) Primer, large rifle (50) Primer, shotshell (25) Primer, small pistol (50) Primer, small rifle (40) Queen of clubs - Sierra madre (1) Radscorpion poison gland (141) Rake (14) Rawr's talon (1) Recipes - barter skill book (1) Recipes - energy weapons skill book (1) Recipes - explosives skill book (1) Recipes - medicine skill book (1) Recipes - me lee weapons skill book (1) Recipes - science skill book (1) Recipes - sneak skill book (1) Recipes - speech skill book (1) Recipes - survival skill book (1) Recipes - unarmed skill book (1) Red glare alpha strike (1) Red plate (55) Remote signal transmitter (1) Rocket souvenir (167) Rocket souvenir replica (4) Rollerskate (6) Schematics - billboard (1) Scissors (47) Scripture (1) Sergeant teddy (1) Seymour (1) Sheet music book (1) Shot glass (459) Sierra madre chip (15100) Small burned book (552) Small destroyed book (454) Small ruined book (537) Small scorched book (515) Sniper rifle suppressor (1) Spatula (26) Sport (21) Steam gauge assembly (61) Stress and the modern refugee: a primer (1) Suites security pass (1) Suites security password note (1) Sunset sarsaparilla deputy badge (317) Surgical tubing (157) Svc. Rifle upgraded springs (1) Terminal access card (1) The platinum chip (1) Tin plate (232) Tina (1) Tiny, tiny babies: all you need to know about pediatric medicine (1) Toaster (102) Toy car (140) Triangle (24) Tunneled hide (47) Turpentine (300) Tweezers (51) Vacuum cleaner (43) Vault 13 canteen (1) Vault 22 cave door keycard (1) Vera Keyes' audition (1) Vera's partitures (1) Wasteland survival guide (4) Whet stone (24) White plate (367) Wood chipper (2) Yeast (30) Zion canyon map (1) Sparks (4) Keyring (1)
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SchindlerHaughton Elevators - Eldorado Sierra Tower - Reno, Nevada Reno Nevada buffet the grand buffet at Grand Sierra Resort ... Grand Sierra Resort, Full Tour - YouTube LIVE CASINO SLOT PLAY RENO LETS GAMBLE Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno, USA Exploring Tuolumne Ca Trails With Sierra Nevada UTV Club ... Grand Sierra Resort, Reno Nevada Grand Sierra Buffet IN RENO NEVADA, BEST CASINO BUFFET ... Virgin River Hotel and Casino Buffet - FULL VIDEO TOUR ... LIVE CASINO SLOTS 🎰🎰 GRAND SIERRA RESORT IN RENO ...

No matter the day of the week or time of year, you’ll never lack for nightlife at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. In fact, our Reno shows, concerts and entertainment are unrivaled, whether you’re looking to dance 'til dawn, enjoy live music, or sing along at a concert with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Hotel Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno: 8.782 Bewertungen, 1.175 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Hotel Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 2 von 65 Hotels in Reno mit 4,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is home to the largest casino across all of Northern Nevada. At over 80,000 square feet, our casino and sports book offers slots, table games, video poker, live betting, and much more. This is gaming with style. Our spacious and vibrant casino floor includes smoking and non-smoking slots, friendly waitress service, and elegant furnishings. Bars, restrooms, and a ... Welcome to our home. Explore 25 million acres of timeless traditions, local culture, events, and world-class adventures from Lava Beds National Monument to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Use our Sierra Nevada travel planning map and the Free Mobile App to guide you through a breathtaking landscape that shapes our lives and unforgettable vacations. Reno, Nevada 2,629 contributions 335 helpful votes Still crowded Typical Nevada casino, table games have been modified for Covid, as were bar slots but the rest of the machines seem about the same. Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Resort, ist in Nevada. Grand Sierra Resort and Casino ist liegt östlich von Midtown. Von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. This crossword clue Nevada city that, appropriately, rhymes with "casino" was discovered last seen in the December 27 2020 at the Crosswords With Friends Crossword. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 4 letters.This answers first letter of which starts with R and can be found at the end of O. Ab 38€ (5̶0̶€̶) bei Tripadvisor: Hotel Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Reno. 8.725 Bewertungen, 1.170 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Hotel Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 2 von 65 Hotels in Reno mit 4,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Die Preise wurden am 3.8.2020 bei einem Ankunftsdatum am 16.8.2020 errechnet. Nevada’s Little Nugget Casino to Permanently Close July 30. Posted on: July 22, 2020, 08:28h. Last updated on: July 23, 2020, 09:24h.

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SchindlerHaughton Elevators - Eldorado Sierra Tower - Reno, Nevada

Very Fast "DovisHouse" Elevators - Harrah's Resort & Casino - Lake Tahoe Nevada - Duration: 7:25. ... The Sierra Tower - Duration: 1:46. Lukas Ruzba 3,776 views. 1:46. Consolidated Traction ... A short clip showing What Reno Nevada has at the Grand Buffet located inside the GSR (Grand Sierra Resort) hope you guys enjoy my video ️ ️ A video of the food at Virgin River Hotel and Casino Buffet in Mesquite, Nevada! Probably the best buffet in Mesquite! Their sister property Casablanca doesn... My brother and I hooked up with Sierra Nevada UTV Club for a group ride in Tuolumne CA near Black Oak Casino. We did 80 miles total, with everything from dee... Grand Sierra Buffet IN RENO NEVADA, BEST CASINO BUFFET VLOG MUKBANG First-hand review of Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada. Hotel rooms, casino gaming, multiple restaurants, spa, family-friendly and nightlife near Reno Airport. https://www.nancydbrown ... LIVE CASINO SLOT PLAY RENO LETS GAMBLE Welcome to my slot channel! I'm a mom that enjoys her getaways to the casinos playing the slots. I'll post real life slot play that includes big wins and ... 🔴 LIVE CASINO SLOTS 🎰🎰 GRAND SIERRA RESORT IN RENO 👸🏽👸🏽This slot machine live play was at Grand Sierra resort casino in reno. We were live in reno for... Book now - Grand Sierra Resort and Casino 2500 E 2nd St, Reno, NV, 89595, United States of America ____... This video is currently not up to date with the resort's ongoing renovations.