The Best Wigan Casino Live Tape Ever...Northern Soul 1974

This is easily the greatest Wigan tape that I possess, when I uploaded it to my podcast site about 8 months ago it had over 1000 downloads so no doubt it'll be all over the place now (I've heard some clips from this tape on youtube), the actual tape is another 30 minutes longer than the extract here. Just go to 28:30 on the recording and listen to the intro of Gloria Jones, anyone who went to All The Wigan Casino Live Tapes In One Go. By Pete S, July 31, 2013 In Record Sales. Share Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Pete S 15,564 Posted July 31, 2013. Pete S. Members; 37,318 posts; Trader Feedback. 215 0 0. Total: 100%. Share; Posted July 31, 2013 (edited) AS PEOPLE KEEP ASKING ME ABOUT DOWNLOADING THE VARIOUS WIGAN CASINO TAPES, I'VE COMPILED ALL OF THE ONES I'VE POSTED UP TO He gave to me three C90 tapes of Wigan Casino Live from the 5th Anniversary. First was Russ Winstanleys 90 minute spot , second Richard Searlings 90 spot and the other Alan Rhodes and Dave Evison. Oh my god!! They totally blew me away , the atmosphere , the clapping , the sounds on the tapes , most I didn’t know and they were good , not all good but most were fantastic . I’ve got to get Listen to WIGAN CASINO - MR. M'S 1977 - AWESOME QUALITY LIVE TAPE by Pete Smith (Planet Records) for free. Follow Pete Smith (Planet Records) to never miss another show. Wigan Casino Live 5th Anniversary Tapes - 4 hours! By Soulstrutter, January 16 In Northern Soul Days. Share Followers 0. Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Recommended Posts. Soulstrutter 357 Posted January 16. Soulstrutter. Members; 390 posts; Share; Posted January 16 (edited) Had some tapes lying around for 40 years from the Casino 5th Anniversary and finally got around to digitising them so Mixcloud A live recording of Wigan casino allnighter. I have always had the same opinion. Wigan casino was a community. Not 1 person, If it was 1 person. That was the sole owner, Russ Winstanley would own itall. I said in my opinion, as Russ is far to modest. To claim all the glory for himself. Recognizes the members had a big part in it's success. Without him creating it you wouldn't be here to

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